TOP NINJA: Musician with distinct sound and a growing fan base

In recent years, the New York-based artist Leon Bodden, better known by his stage name TOP NINJA, has taken the gaming world by storm. Mediocre ones followed a string of high-profile performances in 2021, which was his worst year ever.

TOP NINJA’s smooth flow and authentic sound, beautifully complemented by the beats that the rapper raps over, will appeal to hip-hop enthusiasts. His voice is powerful, and he successfully transports the listener into the world of EMCEE. In addition to his verbal and musical prowess, TOP NINJA’s growing discography is a tribute to his success.

TOP NINJA Struggle

TOP NINJA first became involved in the music industry in July 2015, when he began managing artists in New York City. A little over five years later, he began creating his music. TOP NINJA enjoys bringing a lot of energy to the track to make someone’s day better. 

“Ninjas Worldwide” a brand by TOP NINJA

The fact that TOP has a background in freestyle rapping lends his tracks the lyrical weight of someone who has been in the game for quite some time. In the Tampa and Clearwater areas, this Florida entertainer is establishing a name for himself with his “Ninjas Worldwide” brand, which he has been advertising in recent months.

“Assassin’s Creed” a song by TOP NINJA

TOP NINJA returns in 2022 with a banger called “Assassins Creed,” which is now available on all streaming platforms following a fantastic year in 2021. A highlight of previous performances, the song is now freely available for download on all platforms and may be enjoyed at your leisure.

TOP NINJA and his artist “lilvarii” can be expected to achieve great things in 2022 as they continue to release new music and play at larger venues. His compositions have the lyrical weight of an artist who has been in the game for a long time, and he sings with the confidence of a veteran. TOP NINJA has performed the song several times recently, and it is now accessible on all major streaming services!

The song quickly gains momentum with his characteristic gruff delivery and a hook that glides over the street chant. Drums and 808s rumble through the speakers as the haunting melody of the beat plays in the background.

In other words, he employs diamonds to counterbalance the song’s content with a pleasant flow that complements it. The musician has a distinct sound and a growing fan base, and this song is a step in the right direction for both of those things. Thanks to a distinct sound and a rapidly rising fan base, the musician’s future appears to be bright in the song.

Hit Tracks by TOP NINJA

The most difficult tunes to play are action songs. It might be anything where he is describing the physical activities, such as a fight scene. TOP NINJA who is also known as Leon Bodden has two tracks that have received over one million streams. “Ninja status” and “Big cheese Ninja” are terms used to describe people who have achieved ninja status.

TOP NINJA intends to release an EP titled “FOREIGN DREAM” soon. This year, he’ll be performing in several shows. In addition, he is in the process of negotiating a single deal with a record label that reached out to him.

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