Top Horror Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2022

Rey Rey Rodriguez 

Enter the dark mind of visual artist Rey Rey Rodriguez. On his Instagram account you’ll find his horror photography and suspenseful videos. The account is filled with artistically shot, morbid, macabre, gothic, painful looking, and sometimes bloody creations. On the “About” page of his official website for The Mind of Rey Rey  (Rey Rey Rodriguez’s brand), his personal quote states: “With this site I have planted my seed, you’re now infected with my artistic disease.” This award-winning fine art, content creator, has just the right mix of photos on his social media page for all the oddball horror lovers that enjoy straitjackets, mentally insane killers, evil clowns, demented human-sized bunnies, spirit-possessions, haunted cemeteries, extreme fighting, and more. Will you run away from the “Follow” button? Or are you brave enough to allow yourself to enter, and be infected by his mind’s artistic disease?

To know more about Rey Rey Rodriguez you can visit his Website or Instagram

The Horror Gallery 

The Horror Gallery is a perfect Instagram page to visit for your daily mix of weirdness and darkness. Their page’s bio states, “Featuring all things dark, witchy, and bizarre,” which is exactly what you’ll find posted. Horror movie clips, special effects (FX) makeup, dark art, Halloween masks, evils toys, hardcore memes, even situations gone wrong (on camera) pop up everywhere on their feed. Goth, emo, cosplay, vampiric, fetish, grungy, and every other dark and sexy wear can be found here. The Horror Gallery is the only place where you can go when you’re looking for a bloody pie recipe, watch a video of a baby bat hug a human finger, and find photos of the coolest medieval castles, homes, and bedrooms. If you want to join in the fun and have you own art posted, you can direct message them for features and promotional posts at a cost.

To know more about The Horror Gallery you can visit it on Instagram

Seeking Horror 

Their motto is, “Come with us to seek the horrors of the world.” The Instagram account of Seeking Horror is full of small photos with horror facts and quotes, with new content that is uploaded daily. Many from the horror community visit this page to learn, be entertained, get scared, and continue to come back for more. Here you can also find unwholesome riddles, past horror stories, mini biographies of some of the wickedest humans on earth, violent historical history lessons, tales of torture devices, and much more. In order to see this content, you must first request to follow them, as well as the page creator “Lord Joe Head” to be accepted. But warning, this content is only for the bold! Only those willing to suffer from nightmares should proceed. This page is proof that one must always be careful when seeking horror!

To know more about Seeking Horror you can visit it on Instagram