Top Advantages of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a cutting-edge technique to provide functional or aesthetic metal coatings. It’s a great alternative to regular liquid paint coatings and offers long-lasting finishes in a rainbow of colors. Also, powder coatings enable quick, high-quality, and risk-free coating depositions, among the following advantages.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a finishing process for metal tools and machinery that involves applying a powder to the surface and then afterwards fusing the powder to the metal with the help of an electric charge. The coating is baked at high temperatures to produce a durable and attractive finish. 

Powder coating is a great option if you want a smooth, durable finish on domestic or commercial machinery. Typically, it creates a tough coating that can resist more wear and tear than paint alone. Powder coating, which does not use a liquid carrier, can create coatings far thicker than those you can achieve with conventional liquid coatings.

How is Powder Coating Applied?

Being one of the powder coating machines, electrostatic gun spraying is a common technique for applying powder coatings. The electrostatic paint is sprayed with a spray pistol, which shoots the paint and charges it positively. The negative charge of the substrates draws the powder-coating particles to the surface.

After a common attraction has been created, the two components are heated to melt the powder-coating particles and bond them to the substrate. After the basic material has cooled, you can apply the powder coating.

Top Advantages of Powder Coating 

Corrosion Resistant

Fabricated metal items frequently corrode because of atmospheric conditions like humidity and moisture. Outdoor metal furniture is more prone to corrosion. Powder coating seals off the metal completely so moisture cannot penetrate. Powder coating’s primary value is unquestionably the protection it provides against corrosion.

Strong Coating

Powder coating creates a tough and long-lasting coating for metal products. This type of finish is typically reserved for most business and industrial applications, but you can also use it for your household equipment.

A powder-coated item is resilient to extreme environmental and mechanical stress. So, you can use your powder-coated product every day without any issues, and it will last much longer than if painted.

They Are Safe to Apply

Powder coatings, in comparison to liquid coatings, can be significantly safer during application. You might not need any protective gear like face masks because most varieties of powder coating do not emit an odor. However, you should avoid inhaling them directly.

Saves on Cost

Compared to liquid paint, powder coating is more cost-effective since its application requires fewer steps and less drying time. Also, it is more space-efficient than liquid paint cans, which can take up most of your space.

Great Finish

If you are going for an excellent finish, powder coatings are the way to go since they are uniform and even and allow for different light reflection patterns. The sheen of powder coatings ranges from highly glossy to more subdued sheens. It’s simple to achieve a smooth or wrinkled feel. Powder coatings can accommodate even the inclusion of metal flakes and glitter.

Variety of Colors

You can purchase powder coatings in an almost infinite number of colors. Powder coating manufacturers pre-mix different shades to produce blends difficult to achieve with wet paint. Powder coatings in black and white are the most common choices. Stock powders and custom color blends cover the entire color spectrum, however.

Additionally, powder coating allows for custom blends. Clients can have their preferred brand’s finish colors perfectly matched. Color customization ensures fast product identification and a more aesthetically pleasing design.

Companies in the commercial and industrial sectors can reap brand identity benefits by having their items custom powder coated in eye-catching colors.

Better for the Environment

Powder coating is far safer for workers and the environment than other finishing methods. Unlike wet paint, it does not release toxic solvents or airborne pollutants during the coating process, which makes it a better green option.

How Durable is Powder Coating?

Powder coating can safeguard everything from the most rugged industrial equipment to the everyday equipment you rely on. Many of the products you use daily have a powder coating that adds a durable, attractive appearance. Compared to liquid coatings, powder coatings are more resilient to the degradation caused by impact, environmental factors, or chemicals, reducing the potential for damage from corrosion, scratches, or fading.

Take Away

Powder coating is excellent for most of your metal equipment and furniture. As powder coating finishes improve and new application methods are developed, they will find ever-increasing uses in various household and industrial products. If you’re yet to try it, you’re losing out on a transformative opportunity.