Top 3 Ways To Track Employee Attendance

Keeping track of employee attendance doesn’t have to be complicated, but your current setup may be beginning to feel a little outdated. If you are hoping to upgrade your systems, but are unsure of which method will be best for your needs, here are 3 ways to track employee attendance easily and with little fuss.

Top 3 attendance tracking solutions

1. Key cards

One of the easiest methods of attendance tracking is key cards. This is because there are several options that you can choose from to suit a host of tracking needs. Your employees will get a personal card to clock in and out with, and the data stored can be accessed via a central database.

You could use:

  • Punch time cards
  • Swipe cards
  • Cards with QR code
  • Contactless cards (including proximity and RFID cards)

2. Employee Attendance Software

For those on a budget, employee attendance software can be a great choice when updating/upgrading attendance tracking methods. The software can be chosen for its integration capabilities (you can select the best fit for the workplace apps you currently use), change-overs can be fast and fuss-free with little downtime, they are often user-friendly and can be hosted on the cloud for further savings.

Time and Attendance Software is a powerful tool that helps businesses efficiently manage employee attendance, track working hours, and ensure compliance with labor laws. It automates the process of capturing time data, simplifies payroll calculations, and provides valuable insights into workforce productivity. With biometric authentication, scheduling, and reporting features, Time and Attendance Software streamlines workforce management, improves accuracy, and saves time for HR and payroll teams.

3. Biometric tracking solutions

As one of the most secure and advanced methods for tracking employee attendance, biometric scanners require unique employee data to access, log and track work hours. They often come in the form of fingerprint scanners, iris scanners and facial recognition technology.

These solutions are simple and easy to use while being at the forefront of innovation – and employers will enjoy a contactless and hygienic experience that can even work with face masks in place. The great news is that false attendance records will be all but eliminated and employees will even be able to use this tech while working from home, bringing unrivalled peace of mind for everyone.

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