Top 3 Benefits of Red Light Therapy

What was once hailed as a celebrity health-boosting secret is now a mainstream and accessible treatment for all. In recent years, red light therapy has gained momentum as an exciting and safe alternative treatment for a host of health conditions and ailments, especially when all other avenues have been exhausted, states the expert from MDL Scientific.

What is red light therapy?

In a nutshell, red light therapy uses devices that emit red LED or laser light to treat various conditions. It is also sometimes referred to as photobiomodulation or for short, RLT. Research has shown, being exposed to red light for as little as 5 minutes can coax the body to produce more ATP (adenosine triphosphate), an organic compound responsible for providing energy to cells to carry out various functions in the body. Increased cellular activity can speed up wound healing and tissue repair.

What are the benefits of red light therapy?

New studies have shown that red light therapy can improve a number of health conditions ranging from hair loss to insomnia and even depression. However, we’ve picked our top 3 red light therapy benefits, which are very exciting developments for the below conditions.

1. It can reduce inflammation

Studies have shown that red light therapy can significantly reduce swelling after surgery and reduce inflammation in the body by reducing the number of circulating pro-inflammatory cytokines. While inflammation is sometimes a necessary reaction to ward off infections and heal wounds, it can also be bothersome when it is linked to a condition like diabetes, gut disorders or mood disorders.

Red light therapy can reduce oxidative damage and increase oxygen absorption of cells which both play a role in reducing inflammation.

2. It can boost energy levels

Red light therapy increases the body’s ability to produce energy. This is largely due to the fact that red light therapy stimulates the mitochondrial cells, which are responsible for producing energy. As a result, regular RLT sessions can leave you feeling revitalised and more energetic. Studies have shown a by-product of increased energy production and energy levels is often better performance, endurance and recovery for athletes or active individuals.

3. It has an anti-ageing effect on the skin

If you ever wondered how stars like Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson maintain such youthful, glowing skin, it’s because they twigged onto red light therapy long before it became popular. A 2017 study of a group of 52 women showed a significant reduction in wrinkles around the eyes after 12 weeks of regular treatments.

Subsequent studies have also concluded that red light therapy improves skin elasticity, complexion and texture, largely due to the stimulation of collagen production, producing a more youthful appearance with regular use. In fact, there are LED face masks designed specifically to treat areas of the face, like the Aduro face mask with settings to treat 11 different conditions.

Key Takeaway

Red light therapy offers a safe and effective alternative treatment for a number of conditions, with the option of conducting treatments in the comfort of one’s home for added convenience. It is a very promising treatment not only in dermatology but in many other areas as well including mental health, hair loss prevention and even athletic endurance.