Top 20 fashion bloggers and influencers you need to follow for all year round inspiration

If you are an ardent lover fashion and cannot afford to miss out on any of its latest vogues, then you will know how imperative a fashion influencer’s role is in aesthetically manifesting them. Besides updating us with the hottest launches of the designers and labels, they create a string of brilliant ideas that can be replicated in real life to curate fun, easy-going yet, gorgeous ensembles.

 In the following section, we round-up our top 20 favorite fashion bloggers and influencers that you should follow all year round for inspiration. From street style to high-end couture, these fashion experts provide insight into the latest trends in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and more. With their unique perspectives and expert advice, you’ll never miss out on a trend again!

1) Susie Bubble

Susie Lau is a peer and an ideal that many blooming fashion influencers look up to for inspiration. She started her blog in circa 2006 and today, hailed as one of the leading faces in the British domain. Her style is nothing but, a suave amalgamation of practicality and intelligence topped off with the chic factor.

Follow her: @susiebubble

2) Ada Oguntodu

If you prefer sticking to the basics with some hints of fun and boldness then, Ada Oguntodu’s blogs and tips will be your go-to. She is someone who time and again accentuates the fact that fashion is for everyone regardless of their size and choices and we couldn’t help but, fall in love with her for that.

Follow her: @ada_oguntodu

3) Maria Velniceriu

More than just a blogger and influencer, Maria is a successful entrepreneur that amazed us all with her content on social media and her fashion & lifestyle blog, Missmv, where you can find the latest trends in fashion, beauty, décor and gift guides. Maria’s personal style tends towards bohemian, casual style mainly, but that doesn’t stop her to share ideas of how to style your outfits on her blog.

Follow her: @missmv.maria

4) Desert Mannequin

Anum Bashir, who is more commonly known as Desert Mannequin, (courtesy, her Instagram handle) is bound to sweep you off your feet through her approach of equating flair and elegance with art!

Follow her: @desertmannequin

5) Pernille Teisbaek

A model and stylist herself, Pernile Teisbaek understands “fashion” to the T and wishes to pass on her comprehension of everything that truly characterizes the word to her followers. Even though a major chunk of style includes high-end products, you can sure recreate them with whatever you have at hand.

Follow her: @pernilleteisbaek

6) Pandora Skyes

Pandora Skyes is popular as a British writer and podcast host by profession but, her take on fashion is something that will keep you entertained and leave you craving for more at all times. Her get-ups are never over-the-top but, are strangely solitary!

Follow her: @pandoraskyes

7) Camille Charriere

If you have always eyed luxury brands and desire to own their creations at some point in your life but, do not know where to start from, then the fashion timeline if Camille Charriere will be your ultimate guide.

Follow her: @camillecharriere

8) Shreya Jain

Shreya Jain from India is one influencer who a lot of youngsters from every corner of the world looks up to. Her commitment and sincerity when it comes to influencing the fashion options for people hardly have any parallel.

Follow her: @shreyajain26

9) Juhi Godambe

Another gem from India, Juhi Godambde will steal your heart with her bravura that is characterized by the sheer virtues of comfort, confidence, and sophistication. 

Follow her: @juhigodambe

10) Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung can be hailed as the icon who brought back Peter Pan collars and overalls in trend and exhibited their excellence the way it needs to be. 

Follow her: @alexachung

11) Julia Engel

Julia Engel began displaying her fondness for fashion when she was in college. In her initial years as an influencer, she collaborated with quite some numbers of reputed brands and is now on the verge of launching her own clothing line. She aesthetically stages the qualities of young, fun, and vibrant and that’s what distinguishes her from the others.

Follow her: @juliahengel

12) Danielle Bernstein

A woman who once only wanted people to have a sneak-peek into her personal style is now ruling the industry with her unique preferences. Well, why wouldn’t her attire be on point? After all, she was a fashion alumnus at the reputed FIT, NYC.

Follow her: @Weworewhat

13) Candela Pelizza

The verity that Candela Pelizza is based in Italy is enough to amplify her fad and its mold. A bonus: her dramatic shades and intriguing blend of colors are to die for!

Follow her: @candela_

14) Jeanne Damas

If you want us to point out one aspect that separates Jeanne Damas’ from her contemporaries then it would be the truth that her looks would never feel unattainable. For her fashion is subjective and must boast a personal touch and her pictures reverberate with the same dogma.

Follow her: @jeannedamas

15) Madelynn Furlong

Madelynn Furlong’s profile happens to be a symphonic album of high street fashion, OOTDs, and pictures of her adventures that is a treat to the sore eyes. 

Follow her: @Madelynn Furlong

16) Komal Pandey

If you ever feel that establishing a strong statement of vogue for yourself would require some professional coaching or expensive supplies then you are mistaken and Komal Pandey is living proof of that. A typical girl-next-door, Komal Pandey will bring to you the best of trends, compile them in a few pictures and videos and present them in such a manner, like turning to them in daily life is nothing but, cakewalk.

Follow her: @komalpandeyofficial

17) Gala Gonzalez

Gala Gonzalez legit is living our dream life; he is always on the move and fortunately, (for us) her outfits are the most favorite thing for the cameras to capture. Got a holiday planned ahead on your calendar? Don’t wait any longer to click on the follow button in her profile to get some dazzling inspo!

Follow her: @galagonzalez

18) Alex Stedman

Alex Stedman, the head of the renowned ‘The Frugality’ trusts nothing apart from the optimistic impressions of visually appealing stuff and classiness. Along with her clothes, you will also be furnished with an insight into some modish ideas for interior designs.

Follow her: @thefrugality

19) Aimee Song

Aimee Song’s ensembles are the epitome of classic boldness; she never shies away from giving a thumbs up to the quirkiest colors and donning those “extras” like it’s no big a deal.

Follow her: @songofstyle

20) Jessie Bush

A street-style influencer, now running the much-talked-about ‘We the People Style’, Jessie Bush commenced with a blog specific to New Zealand fashion and later went on to work over the world- thanks to the warm acceptance that she received for her exclusivity and dedication from her followers in all these years.

Follow her: @wethepeoplestyle

With so much wealth of inspiration, you cannot go wrong with the fashion choices you are going to make from now on.