Top 13 Police Gear That Will Be Useful for Civilians

As a civilian, it can be difficult to put together a reliable collection of top tactical equipment. Drawing inspiration from top police tactical gear and equipment can be the best move forward. 

Police officers are unsung heroes who put their lives on the line at work every day. To ensure serving and protecting citizens, police officers collaborate. For a police officer, preparation and training come first, and having the proper gear and support system is essential.

Some of the items that policemen carry while on duty can also benefit civilians. Some examples include: 

  • Tactical boots,
  • Tactical cargo pants,
  • Extensive first aid kits, and
  • Highly durable bags for traveling across rough terrains.

Let’s see such tactical equipment and how they can be adapted to civilian use, in detail.

The Top 14 Police Equipment That Can Benefit Civilians

1. Tactical Backpack

Tactical backpacks have enough space for everything you need because they come in a variety of sizes. They strike the balance between load management and style. 

Comfort is one of the highlights of tactical backpacks. The ergonomic fit makes sure that you don’t drain yourself while having to carry a heavy load during trekking and traveling.

Make sure the backpack’s storage is configured to meet your demands. It’s crucial to consider the backpack’s color. This is because loud, attention-grabbing hues are typically not a good decision. Instead, choose more subdued hues that complement your environment, such as black, sand brown, dull olive, camouflage, etc.

2. Police Boots

Law enforcement personnel and EMS providers can greatly benefit from wearing black police boots or other types of uniform duty footwear. These tactical police boots are made to withstand the rigors of hard police work and any other fieldwork. 

Tactical footwear’s primary properties include staying strong and durable on any rugged terrain. But with carefully designed brands like the Danner, the products are also strikingly stylish. Anybody from a fieldwork officer to an adrenaline-loving adventurer can benefit from the sturdy and stylish Danner duty boots. You cannot perform at your best if your feet are not shielded, supported, and comfy. 

For both men and women, Danner police boots offer a wide variety of patrol boots that can support every foot type and help with any task assignment. These include rainforest work boots, women’s boots, Danner combat boots, Danner law enforcement boots, etc.

3. Body Cameras

Police body cameras are becoming much more common these days, even though they are not a standard component of the uniform for officers. Civilians can attach body cameras to monitor their movements and feel safe.

4. Bulletproof Vest

Since they are less conspicuous, most police officers prefer to wear soft bulletproof vests as part of their kit. A civilian can also be protected by this armored vest from attacks using tools like knives, pistols, rifles, tiny explosives, and the like.

5. Tactical Pants

A good pair of tactical pants will probably fit differently than your typical pair, cinching higher up to make room for a tactical belt and allowing you to carry more weight.

Tactical pants are designed with function over form in mind. Though you can also find them in a variety of stylish and appealing designs if that is more your style. Every form of pocket imaginable—including concealed, cargo is available on tactical pants.

Ensure that your tactical pants fit you well. You won’t know for sure unless you put them on because some companies produce items in sizes smaller or larger than average.

6. Drones

Drones are becoming more and more common among departments around the country. Even though they are not yet regarded to be part of the basic equipment worn by officers. They can be utilized by civilians for a variety of purposes. These include photography, damage assessment, and more.

7. Binoculars

A good pair of binoculars is one of the most essential pieces of gear a civilian may possess so they can observe a subject from a distance. This makes it easier for them to covertly and accurately monitor the target.

8. Duty Belts

The gear is portable and easily available, thanks to the job belt. They are typically black and manufactured of either leather or nylon. Gun belts and kit belts are other names for the police duty belt. Duty belts can be used by civilians to hold several items.

9. Tactical Flashlight

If your job demands that you keep a flashlight with you, try checking out the tactical flashlights. Some are big, bulky variants that can double up as effective self-defense weapons. Others include tiny, lightweight flashlights with powerful beams. 

10. Stun Gun

The stun gun, a relatively recent addition to the arsenal of tools used by police officers, neutralizes a person more successfully without inflicting disproportionate bodily injury. The stun guns can work through multiple layers of clothes. A stun gun can also be used by a civilian for protection.

Stun guns can typically latch onto a suspect within 15 feet and deliver over 50,000 volts of electric current. Enough to render the offender momentarily unconscious and give the officer the chance to make the arrest.

11. Rubber Gloves and a Radio

Numerous police officers keep a pair or more of rubber gloves in their patrol vehicles. When handling crime scene evidence, such as firearms, bullets, and other objects, it is crucial to wear gloves. Rubber gloves can also be used by civilians for packing soil and doing fieldwork.

Police and other law enforcement agencies communicate with one another using a radio. Two-way radio systems are nearly always used in police radio systems to enable communication between dispatchers and police officers. Civilians can also adopt the use of a radio for direct communication. 

12. Knives

Knives can be used as cutting instruments or as self-defense weapons. If someone is trapped in a car, a knife can be used to cut them free from a seat belt or to cut them loose from a rope.

13. Pepper Spray

To help neutralize people, police may carry a canister of mace or pepper spray. Civilians can also use this to protect themselves from danger during an assault.  Pepper spray known as “aerosol spray” contains the inflammatory ingredient capsaicin. When it touches someone’s eyes, it produces burning sensation, agony, and tears.


There are a plethora of police gear options to choose from. Civilians can adopt any of these gears for daily use, work, and self-defense. 

Kenneth Bailey

Kenneth Bailey is a freelance journalist with a BA in journalism from James Cook University, Australia. He has six years of experience writing for different blogs and websites on a variety of topics, including celebrities, business, gadgets and technology.

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