Top 10 Scanner Apps to Try

In a world rapidly moving towards digitization, each document once printed on paper, needs an online backup making the mobile scanner applications indispensable tools.

A staggering amount of digital information is produced daily, including spreadsheets, software documents, receipts, financial records, and even a baby’s first Photoshop photo. However, a lot of the information remains in ephemeral papers-business cards, old restaurant receipts, photographs, ideas that were brainstormed written on whiteboards, or else buried within a hard-to-access physical world. If you want to save the information or image for future reference or record your tax returns, you will require something readily accessible. So the solution to your entire above requirements is a portable scanner on your smartphones.

We have identified 10 apps that can assist you in quickly scanning and managing, and organizing documents. The process of document scanning with each of them is almost identical. Mentioned below is a quick overview of each one to choose the one that works best for you.

1: QuickScan

QuickScan, an on-the-go document scanning app, is a complete mobile scanner application that permits scanning of documents, receipts, invoices, bills, identity cards, etc. while saving in various formats like PDF, JPEG. 

An ultra-lightweight app that provides high-resolution scans instantly. The Scanner provides a wholesome and refreshingly straightforward scanning experience, and it supports cloud storage.

The PDF scanner application is multi-lingual and seamlessly accessible to English, German, Hindi, etc. This mobile scanner app has outstanding editing options such as annotation, OCR PDF to text conversion; background filters, borders, and crop options.

It is simple to use by pointing the document towards the camera. The Scanner app has the availability of an Automatic mode for capturing PDFs. A user-friendly interface is the USP of this document scanner app. 

Many share options with social media, email messages, or the cloud to get instant access. The mobile scanner app has a feature to protect documents with passwords and PINs to ensure the confidentiality of important documents.

2: Scanbot

Scanbot is a mobile scanner application that lets you produce high-quality PDF scans, send them via email and save them in the cloud, or keep them on your device. 

With Scanbot, document scanning is hassle free, making this Scanner more efficient than conventional mobile scanners. It comes with capabilities that are not only impressive but will also help you save time. Scanbot performs the task by automatically naming documents using a naming scheme you specify.

Scanbot has also included security provisions. In this app, you can choose passcode lock or the option to touch ID. So, no one can access your application without your permission.

Scanbot will also use the information you provide directly from your scans. This is perhaps one of the lesser-known capabilities of the application. All you need to do is switch on the OCR scanner, scan your documents, open the scan, change to text mode, and tap “Actions”.

3: Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro now supports iCloud integration and other enhancements. The grid overlay that appears when you take photos or scan documents is an enormous aid. You can quickly scan multiple pages and then save them in one document, rather than fragmenting them into different documents.

Exporting is simple by using an automatic Dropbox upload and, of course, iCloud sync between iPhone and iPad version of the application.If you don’t have Dropbox or iCloud, you can email documents, use Evernote, and Google Docs (Drive). 

One drawback is the inability of editing capabilities for the text-based content of any document. 

Scanner Pro is available on a subscription basis and is available for $6.99 on the App Store

4: Swift Scan

Swift Scan is one of the most efficient and speediest methods of creating high-quality scans using devices like your iphone or Android. Through Swift Scan, you can scan anything from receipts and documents to whiteboards; QR Codes, sketch books, and barcodes. 

The application has up to five different color modes that you can choose from to customize your scan just the way you like it to look. Swift Scan is encrypted, protecting your privacy and documents and ensuring that no information within your documents will be passed to a third person.

Swift Scan also has a range of places to upload scanned files. There are choices like iCloud for iOS, Dropbox, Slack, OneDrive, OneNote, Box, Google Drive, Todoist and many more.

Swift Scan is compatible with all major cloud services and keeps a tab on previous folders with an auto reminder algorithm, making it easy to upload documents by tapping.

5: Prizmo

Prizmo is, in fact, the most sophisticated scanning application that we have discussed in this article. It is not limited to scanning your documents, such as business cards and whiteboard images from a class or class. Rather, it also can transform text documents into editable text documents using the OCR feature.

When you press an icon after scanning a text document, you will convert a PDF or JPG file to an actual text file you can change. It is not perfect, and it can easily misinterpret some characters as symbols; however, it is better than the hassle of typing out the entire document if you need to edit it.

Prizmo is subscription-based and available for $9.99 on the App Store.

6: Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner is among the most highly rated free HD document scanner apps. It can scan any document from receipts to pages of books, and the documents scanned can be exported as an industry-standard PDF file.

It is possible to add pages or remove existing pages in your PDF document. It comes with features that permit users to change the scanned images to make them more legible.

Through Fast Scanner, you can extract text from your scans and upload them to the cloud in the event of a loss. Fast Scanner is a sophisticated algorithm and an elegant process.

7: vFlat

vFlat is a powerful scanning program with OCR capabilities, the capability to load PDF files, dual-page scanners, book scans, and much more. 

In this case, you might have observed that automatic edge detection is an essential scanner application feature, and vFlat can also do this. The Scanner for books also displays the center grid line to place two pages at once within a single frame. The Scanner also comes with the ability to remove fingers that will erase your finger if it happens to be in the image being scanned.

You can import PDF files to your smartphone and add additional photos to the files. The app will save and share your images and documents scanned by scanning in PDF and JPG format, and text scanned in OCR mode is also extracted as a text file.

vFlat is free and doesn’t include watermarks or ads within the application.

8: AdobeScan

Adobe Scan is one of the top PDF scanners and the most popular document scanners for Android, and it has OCR capabilities.

It converts the Android device into an effective mobile document scanner. This app can scan notes, forms, documents such as receipts, photos, and receipts and convert them to PDF files with just a few clicks. 

Adobe Scan is extremely easy to use and provides various batch scanning options. It allows you to transmit your scans by email or upload the files to the cloud.

9: Document Scanner

A Document Scanner is a perfect solution to scan documents, and the result is a higher scanning quality. The document scanner comes with additional options such as smart cropping and more. 

It is also possible to optimize your PDF files by converting them into various modes such as Color, Lighten, and dark with Document Scanner.

10: MyScans

If you’re searching for a user-friendly scanning application that does not consume much processing power, My Scans app is for you. 

The app is easy to use, and you must click on the image of the document such as an invoice, business card bill or another item, and the application does the rest to convert it to the format of a PDF file.


Thanks to various mobile scanner applications, you can scan any paper documents you like to have easy access to and then save them on your phone or in the cloud or even on your personal computer with a couple of taps.