Tools and Programs That Can Help Inventors Accelerate Their Success

Being an inventor can be incredibly exciting. Instead of navigating the humdrum of traditional nine to five work, you carve out the space to dare to dream and imagine what could be. Perhaps you like to create new inventions that no one has ever thought of, or maybe your gift is to see how you can dramatically improve something that already exists. In either case, you live in the realm of immense possibilities and you likely see the world in a very different way.

As part of the invention process, you’ll also want to look for tools and programs that can help accelerate your success. A simple sketch of a hot new idea is great, but working to create a prototype helps move your brilliant idea from thought into form. That’s the essence of the process of pure creation, really. One moment there is the void, then the flash or spark of an idea comes flying in. It’s your job to take it to the next level, and see you beautiful thought or dream come fully into being.

Get Professional Help to Patent and Protect Your Idea

If you have a hot new idea that is going to revolutionize a product or the marketplace, you’ll want to make sure that you get professional help so you can protect your idea or invention. An attorney who specializes in patent law can help you safeguard your intellectual property and file for the legal protection that a patent provides .

You might also find similar services offered as part of working with an invention development team. Typically, they’ll be able to help you with design and be able to guide you through the patent application process too.

Tap Into the Special Services That You Need

Filing a patent can be a very detailed and complicated process. Applying for a patent is incredibly laborious, and can seem quite arcane at at times. If your patent is in certain areas, for instance biological sciences, you’ll find that your checklist for filing a patent includes sequence listing preparation.

The listing is necessary because you need to specifically identify the amino acid proteins and/or nucleotides (DNA or RNA) that are covered by your submitted patent application. Fortunately, there are firms that have specialized software programs that can be used to generate these sequences. The listings are designed to satisfy Patent Office reviews, and by using the custom software the company can provide results quickly.

Become Part of a Makerspace

It’s possible to jump start your creation process if you join or become part of a makerspace. These are creative communities that help inventors, engineers, tinkerers, designers and artists come together and share the energy and excitement of bring beautiful visions into form.

Best of all, being immersed in a world with other creatives can provide the boost you need to take your incredible ideas to the next level. You can collaborate if you’d like, and you’ll find the tools you need to be able to create prototypes. Some makerspace facilities, like the one at Michigan Tech, will also give patents rights to the creators and inventors even though they are using university resources.