Tom Tikka’s “Turn Back The Time” new single is about a failed marriage

We are used to listening to the same pop-ish break up songs about teenagers falling out of love. Tom Tikka is taking heartbroken songs to another level so people with a marriage can relate to. His new single “Turn Back The Time” is an indie-rock classic that really gets on your feelings. 

 Indie is the new black and he’s making it happen. His brand new single feels like an experience: we can nearly hear bells in the back that reminds of wedding bells, almost like a metaphor. Tom says “we fight about your wedding rings, work and sex, most everything” in the second verse as his voice takes over the song: you can feel his anger and all of his thoughts and emotions going throgh his mind. This is a song about a marriage that can no longer go on. He regrets his decisions and really wishes he would have never met this person. He wrote the song after he answered some difficult questions from his kids and said:  “‘Turn Back The Time’ is about my divorce almost a decade ago and it deals with the pain of walking away from your kids”. 

The production of the song is really amazing. The sound is very indie-rock and the producer put everything together as a one and made it work perfectly. His voice makes a stand in every note he hits and complements the instruments in a very remarkable way. 

Tom Tikka released a solo EP back in 2020 titled “Working Class Voodoo”, under the name Tom Tikka And The Missing  Hubcaps. Then this year he released the EP “That’s What Winston Churchill Said” in January, very worthy of listening and chill and relate to. He is an upcoming indie-rock artist that is making his path in the music industry. His lyrics are something else than what we are used to. 

Written by Ariana Lentini – IG: @arianalentini