Tips To Play Nerf Gun Without Danger

Are you thinking of a perfect toy to give your big boy? If he does not have nerf guns yet, it is time that you consider it today. Some are afraid of giving their children with nerf gun as they think it is dangerous for their safety and also the people around them, but actually, with proper handling, danger should be the least of your concern. 

If you are still not convinced that nerf gun is not as dangerous after all, here are some tips you can consider to ensure that your nerf gaming is as safe as other toys you play. 

Tips To Ensure Safety When Playing Nerf Gun

Excited to play nerf gun? Why not? But since it is a “gun”, you have to make sure that safety is in place even if you say that it is just a toy.

To help you enjoy your nerf gun and secure its safety, here are some of the things that you have to consider:

  • Consider the distance when aiming

Even if it is just a toy gun, hitting you anywhere in any part of your body is painful especially if it was aimed from a very short distance. With this, it is highly recommended that when playing, put your target on a bit far distance to also avoid getting hurt when the nerf gun bullet bounces back. 

  • Wear protective gears during nerf battles

Just in case your child is at the right age to join nerf battles, make sure that he or she is wearing proper protective gears. These protective gears, like goggles, knee pads and elbow pads, can be purchased separately. Do not put your children’s safety at risk, buy them protective gears especially when they want to join other kids for a fun nerf battle. 

  • The location matters when playing nerf gun

Make sure that you are playing nerf gun in a location that is safe and does not have a lot of hindrances. Since your children are not a target shooter just yet, there is a chance that they may accidentally hit a valuable item instead of their original target. Just to make sure nothing will break while your children play their guns, let them play in a safe space. 

  • Once done with the game, unload your gun

When your children are done playing their gun, make sure you unload it before storing it. You can teach your children how to unload their guns so they can be held responsible the next time it was not unloaded when stored. 

Unloading it can avoid accidents, so make sure it is done all the time. 

  • Do not let your children play unattended

Make sure that all the time your children are playing, you are there guiding them. You must not let them play on their own, as there is a chance that they may hit someone unintentionally or even intentionally especially that they may think that they are just playing around. 

  • Know when is the right time to allow your children to play 

Do not let your children play if in the first time, they are not yet in the right age. Before you allow your children to play nerf gun, you have to make sure that they are already on the right age. Do not force them to play at an early age as if you do, there is a huge chance that they may not be able to play the toy properly. 

Now that you know a few tips to avoid danger while playing your nerf gun, would you still not let your children play this great toy?