Tim Cook Starts His Day Reading Apple Customer Feedback to Improve Products

Apple CEO Tim Cook has shared in a recent interview that he starts his day at 5 am by reading the feedback customers send to Apple. Cook said that it is important to know how people are feeling about their products and how these technologies are enriching their lives.

He also shared that he receives complaints and finds them useful in staying grounded and understanding the needs of Apple’s users. Cook further highlighted that he forwards these emails to his employees to ensure that Apple takes customer feedback into consideration.

According to Cook, hearing positive feedback from customers inspires him and makes his mornings better, motivating him to do better. Cook gave an example of a customer with an iPhone 14 who used the device’s collision detection feature to call for help during a seizure, emphasizing the phone’s Emergency Satellite Connectivity feature. Cook’s email address is open to the public, a rare trait among major technology company executives, showing Apple’s commitment to providing better products and incorporating customer feedback.

Recently, Apple announced that Cook will take a significant pay cut in 2023 following a shareholder vote on his pay contract.