Thrillz – the app where you can connect with your favorite celebrity!

Thrillz is the UK’s leading platform for connecting fans with their favorite celebrities. The app allows fans to get shout-outs, performances, and more from their favorite stars. It has quickly become one of the number one apps for consumers, and is also one of the leading apps for revenue generation amongst creators. Fans have been looking for a more direct way to connect with talent, and Thrillz has become a hit with their innovative ways of making this happen. 

Launched in 2020, the company was an overnight success. Thrillz picked up traction when companies began paying upwards of $20,000 to have celebrities video call into virtual holiday office parties. Anyone and everyone can connect with their favorite celebrities on Thrillz, with prices varying depending on the talent. There is already quite an impressive list of celebrities already on Thrillz, and it is sure to keep growing with the app’s rising popularity.

One celebrity has even made Thrillz a full-time job during the pandemic. Allie Sherlock began putting on live virtual shows to share her music with fans. This supplemental income was incredibly helpful for Sherlock with most places halting production and events. Talent income averages anywhere from $3,000 to $40,000 in booking, with the impersonators making more money than the actual celebrities do on competing apps.

The app hosts many notable names such as Mary Fitzgerald and AmanZa Smith from Netflix’s Selling Sunset, fan favorites from UK shows such as Love Island and TOWIE, musicians like Samantha Mumba and Allie Sherlock, and even football legends like Neil Razor Ruddock and Alan Kennedy. The other categories include kids celebrities, magicians, comedians, impersonators and many more. There truly is someone for everyone and you can surprise yourself and others with the gift of their favorite celebrities. 

Not only are talent putting more money into their pockets, but Thrillz has the option for talent and customers to donate any revenue to charities and other philanthropic ventures.This has been an  incredible feature for talent and charity alike as they get to do more of what they love while helping any cause they choose.  As the app grows we hope their impact on the world will as well. The app is projected to keep rising and make more money and connections in 2021.

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