This company is offering $1,000 to someone willing to give up their smartphone and use a flip phone

What’s life like without a cell phone? No Internet, no camera, and no Google Maps readily available. On the off chance that you can endure that, you get an opportunity to win $1,000.

Utah-based Internet and telephone specialist organization Frontier Communications is choosing a contender to utilize a flip telephone — the benevolent prominent in the mid to late 1990s — for multi week and live without a cell phone.

“With the 30th commemoration of the principal flip telephone, Frontier is searching for a fearless soul willing to jettison their cell phone for a week and go old fashioned with only a flip telephone,” said Frontier representative Javier Mendoza in an email.

With in excess of 30,000 candidates taking an interest, as indicated by Mendoza, the victor will be paid $1,000 to direct the trial and record to what extent it takes them to do straightforward errands like messaging and browsing messages, and whether they will be late for arrangements

The victor is additionally urged to record how long they would rest without utilizing cell phones, the organization says. As indicated by an ongoing report by Imperial College London, evening time cell phone use was related with higher chances of an absence of rest on weekdays.

In Frontier’s challenge, the chose individual will be offered a purported survival unit, a bundle containing choices for some cell phone capacities. It comprises of a pocket phonebook, a physical guide to compensate for GPS, and a pen and scratch pad.

The victor can in any case tune in to music, yet rather than an application, they’ll get a few CDs with tunes from the ’90s.