Thick Eyelashes Without Extensions: TOP 5 Tips

Natural beauty is still the trend. The Barbie-doll-like fluffy eyelashes have especially become a thing of the past. This brand of eyelash extensions in Singapore suggests a transformative and natural approach to enhancing your lashes, giving you a mesmerizing and effortlessly glamorous look.

The most common question many people ask is, are eyelash extensions safe? The answer lies in using them with care, taking necessary precautions, and ensuring the use of high-quality products, as this doesn’t pose any harm.

But what if nature has not endowed you with thick long eyelashes and you want to enhance your looks, what can you do? You just go against the rules.

Daily Care for Eyelashes

We often ignore them during our daily facial care… and then regret it. Eyelashes need to be washed with baby shampoo (marked as “tear-free” or “tearless”), brushed with a special applicator, and cared for with the correct cosmetics.

For example, Toplash Lash & Brow enhancing serum stimulates the active hair growth phase and volumizes. You can use Toplash Mascara after applying the serum.

Note: I thought the serum was supposed to be applied at bedtime, so why would you apply mascara when you’re going to sleep?

Keratin Eyelash Lamination

Keratin Eyelash Lamination is recommended for use at least 3-4 times a year to reinforce the hairs. On the one hand, it strengthens eyelashes, thickens each hair, and restores lash structure. On the other hand, it gives the eyelashes a well-groomed appearance and visually increases their volume by curling them. This effect lasts up to three months.

Keratin (protein with physical integrity) is the main component of hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes, which is why its presence in cosmetic products is so important.

Importance of Mascara

The choice of mascara should be approached consciously. Well-chosen mascara will strengthen your eyelashes along with volumizing and lengthening them. Pay attention to a mascara`s composition. It must have vitamin E, panthenol to moisturize the hairs and make them elastic, and keratin to restore hair structure. The applicator is important too as it distributes the mascara evenly on all the eyelashes.

Toplash Extra Ebony Mascara adds length to lashes as well as natural volume. The curved shape of the applicator curls the lashes. The mascara composition includes a vitamin complex that stimulates active hair growth.

Give Up Your Eyelash Curler

Healthy, long eyelashes require delicate care. Your eyelash curler is a perfect example of what not to use on them as it traumatizes the hair structure. You must use this tool properly if you are not ready to part with it. Heat the lash curler up before using it on your lashes, so that they become more pliant during contact and less likely to break.

Proper Makeup Removal

The condition of your eyelashes largely depends on how you wash off mascara. Proper makeup removal procedure: saturate a cotton pad with micellar water or milk, place it on your eyelashes and gently remove the mascara by moving the pad in the direction of hair growth. Do not rub your eyes with the cotton pad from one corner to the other.

Causes of the poor condition of eyelashes may vary, starting with hormonal disruption and eye infections to vitamin deficiencies and the use of low-quality cosmetics. You can easily eliminate the last item. Find out more about eyelash growth and care products at