The Power of Education and Migration – Insights from Henley & Partners

Henley & Partners, a renowned international wealth advisory firm, recently conducted groundbreaking research shedding light on the remarkable impact of premier education combined with enhanced global access rights. This research highlights unprecedented opportunities for the next generation, offering pathways to expand their global networks, optimize career trajectories, elevate earning potential, and foster greater economic mobility, ultimately ensuring lifelong success and prosperity.

According to the Henley Opportunity Index, Switzerland emerges as the premier global destination for establishing multi-generational wealth, commanding an impressive 85% of the total opportunity score.

The Cumulative Value of Global Access and Education:

Utilizing the Henley Opportunity Index’s comparative function reveals how the convergence of premier education and enhanced residence rights can significantly enhance life opportunities. For instance, an Indonesian family with a modest 25% total opportunity score in their home country could substantially raise the probability of success for the next generation to 82% by accessing residence rights in the US through the US EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

Similarly, for an Indian family with a 32% opportunity score, relocating to Switzerland through the Swiss Residence Program could elevate their advantage to an impressive 85%. Likewise, Nigerians with a meager 14% opportunity score could substantially enhance life chances by 65% to 79% through investment in the Singapore Global Investor Program.

Other investment migration options, such as the UAE’s Golden Visa and New Zealand’s Active Investor Plus Visa, offer promising opportunities, providing significant advantage boosts to the next generation.

Scoring 100 points in earning potential, 95 points in career advancement, and 94 points in employment prospects, Switzerland emerges as the leading nation on the index. Switzerland also excels in high livability and economic mobility, further solidifying its position as a top destination for educators, entrepreneurs, and inheritors seeking to thrive in the global landscape.

The Henley Opportunity Index:

The Henley Opportunity Index serves as a comprehensive benchmark, quantifying the impact and probability of success that premier education and investment migration can have on preserving and growing multi-generational wealth. It evaluates 15 investment migration pathways into countries known for their conducive ecosystems for future generations.

Singapore, closely following Switzerland, secures the highest employment prospect score among the 15 nations listed. However, it lags behind in career advancement, emphasizing the multifaceted considerations involved in choosing an ideal destination for education and career advancement.

Dominic Volek, Group Head of Private Clients at Henley & Partners, underscores the significance of education and investment migration as ‘inter-generational enablers.’ He emphasizes the index’s role in guiding families on tailored investment migration strategies, facilitating access to the world’s best schooling, lucrative job markets, and enhanced quality of life.