The NPBA is changing professional basketball one dribble at a time

The National Professional Basketball Association has provided professional opportunities for more then 1100 players in 2021 alone. The league has been in existence since 2015 and has grown every year. Based out the Midwest, the NPBA has always provided great competition for teams in the region. With five successful seasons, President and Owner of Champion Sports Agency Lance Pitts decided that the league needs a complete strategic makeover from marketing and player development.

We recently sat down with Lance to discuss more on the new direction for the league.

Lance explains that ” After year five we had the horrible experience of Covid-19. Our 2020 seasons was completely cancelled due to the pandemic. This time away helped me look at what areas the league can improve more from a strategic planning. I made sure that the league has core values that each player and team will align with. I made the NPBA a non-profit 501c3 organization and we work on mentoring youth, after-school tutoring and community engagement. I want all our players to be leaders both on and off the court. “

“The next area was player development. Being the owner of a Sports Agency, I have the ability to place players with college basketball experience overseas or into the NBA G-League. I noticed with other leagues, including ours, that the players lacked the necessary skills to play overseas from a developmental side. I decided to take our players to various countries to audition for opportunities. Just in 2021 alone, we have had the pleasure of having 3 players from our league, receive contracts to play in other countries this upcoming fall.”

When asked, what are the keys to the NPBA’s success? Lance stated that he could not be successful without his board of owners and his coaching staff. Lance goes on to explain that, without their trust in his vision more than six years ago, they would not be here. Every opportunity that the league has, he makes sure to give credit to the owners.

Currently the NPBA is in summer league play and will gear up for its upcoming Draft Combines to make way for the 2021-2022 season. For more information on the NPBA or Lance Pitts follow both on Facebook or or