The Next Moves for Rapper and Promoter ThePlaymaker

After building a career weaving old school music marketing methods with modern digital ones, ThePlaymaker , a Midwest based promoter and artist, is seeing success with his most recent endeavors. The first announcement was the drop of his highly anticipated album 50 State Push, Vol. 1 which touts his hit songs “New Flow” with 54 Baby Trey and “Level Up” featuring H1 Da Hook and SuckaaFree. The project consists of 27 songs and a full roster of features that are a nod to the immense network of artists ThePlaymaker has built over the years. Next, ThePlaymaker revealed his musings on collectibles and image noticeability with the release of RAPPER FIGURES, statuettes that take the likeness of favorite artists. They are must-haves for fans who enjoy memorabilia. The most recent, and perhaps most impactful, project for ThePlaymaker was the opening of his artist development facility The Compound MKE or TCM. Based in Milwaukee, WI, it provides a full range of services for independent artists looking to build their careers. Along with promotion services, it also provides space to record or create content, advisors to help build campaigns and tours, and even music education courses to aid in talent growth. All of these ventures have made ThePlaymaker a sought-after name in the music/promotion industries and are just the beginning of what he has in store for fans and clients in the future. 

Find ThePlaymaker online:
Website: https://the-playmaker.com/home, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Spotify

Kenneth Bailey

Kenneth Bailey is a freelance journalist with a BA in journalism from James Cook University, Australia. He has six years of experience writing for different blogs and websites on a variety of topics, including celebrities, business, gadgets and technology.

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