The new track “In These Eyes” by TaniA Kyllikki, about love at first sight, is intriguing, dramatic, and has a fantastic vibe

Once again, TaniA Kyllikki has a new release for you. Released as the lead single from her 2024 album “Free-Spirited,” “In These Eyes” serves merely to whet listeners’ appetites for what’s to come.

TaniA’s self-applied, gold Egyptian goddess-inspired makeup is only one example of her meticulous attention to detail as an artist, which is evident on her record cover. Her actions, like her songs, always reveal a fascinating window into her soul and intellect.

The new track “In These Eyes” by TaniA Kyllikki is intriguing, dramatic, and has a fantastic vibe. fuses elements of rock guitar with hip-hop, R&B, and Egyptian pop. TaniA’s exceptionally mesmerising vocals combine with the song’s repetitive nature to create an entrancing effect.

As was to be expected, TaniA has once again demonstrated the breadth and depth of her ingenuity, as well as the capacity and determination to stay prolific and systematic. The seductive nature of “In These Eyes” is elevated to new heights by the subtle and well performed riffs.

The song’s lyrics appear warm and personal, yet they’re actually about an intense first encounter. TaniA Kyllikki’s “In These Eyes” is a sensual R&B/Hip-Hop track with strong Egyptian-pop undertones, and it does a great job of showcasing TaniA’s significant skill.

The song was written by TaniA and produced by Rynellton, aka Garry D. Hairston. Her voice complements the song’s alluring tune and infectious rhythm perfectly. In the opening, TaniA Kyllikki’s vocals include a sensuous British accent and gorgeous Arabic-style riffs; in the verses, they are sweet and tantalising whispers; and in the chorus, they are a forceful belting about love at first sight.

TaniA Kyllikki’s voice is mesmerising as she digs effortlessly into her heartfelt words. It’s no surprise that TaniA Kyllikki’s “In These Eyes” is a fan favourite in so many different musical circles, from R&B and hip-hop to Egyptian Pop; the song is positively bathed in great love.

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