The National Tampon Shortage & Where to Find Them

In the last two years, we have experienced so many different shortages. As soon as one shortage no longer exists, we have moved on to another. When the pandemic began, you could not find toilet paper, sugar, and flour anywhere. And if you did, you were limited in the amount you could purchase.

So many other areas have been baby formula, PPE, fabric, pasta, chicken, and tampons. Yes, tampons and these have been in short supply almost since the pandemic began. The familiar sight of empty shelves has been constant in the feminine products aisles in nearly any store.

There are theories that if men weren’t in charge of these companies, there wouldn’t be any issues. Oddly, the manufacturers are putting out fewer than in previous years. Did they think the demand was going down? Sure, there are supply chain issues, but for most products, the price just increases by 33% or so, and we can still purchase what we need within our budgets.

It isn’t just Tampax that is out of stock; it is all major brands. So even if there was an explanation for one brand, one manufacturer, and one supply chain – what about all the others? When the pandemic hit, people started stockpiling on essentials, and these are essentials. The stocking up led to a significant uptick in purchasing in 2020.

The national tampon shortage is being blamed on the inability to source raw materials. And for those manufacturing plants in Europe, the cost to get the products to the United States has increased by 300%, making it an unaffordable option. One unique solution was to fly materials to the U.S. rather than ship them.

Like many industries, these companies have also struggled with the year of the great resignation and do not have enough staff or supplies. The raw materials needed for feminine hygiene products are the same raw materials for many items in medical settings – and those get priority. Demand continues to soar as supply continues to decline, hence the tampon shortage continues.

These are items women must-have. They aren’t a matter of convenience. Yet they aren’t available, and the prices are so high if they are. Other shortage areas are getting priority, such as baby formula, but tampons have been the most consistent shortage, and no one is doing anything about it.

Every other supply shortage since 2020 has been short-lived, except tampons. It is exciting to learn that two feminine product companies that are organic and owned by women have experienced no shortages, no delays, and have not had to increase their prices. These are TOP The Organic Project and Lola. Why are they not struggling with the same supply chain issues? That’s an excellent question! As far as where to find them – try health food stores and chains such as Whole Foods. These are stores that are more likely to focus on carrying organic brands such as those noted. You can also shop for tampons online at bttn too. They’re a next generation healthcare supplies distributor and can help you easily save a good 20-40% off personal care supplies, medical supplies, and other supply orders online, plusyou’ll get free shipping on all of your orders too.