The History of Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond rings are the ultimate sign of love, and such has been the case for centuries. The first appearance of the diamond ring dates back to the 1400s when the Austrian prince Maxmillian proposed to his betrothed, Mary Burgundy with a diamond engagement ring. The idea of proposing with a diamond ring struck a chord among fellow members of the elite society and over time diamonds dominated the jewelry market. In the next couple of centuries, diamond rings evolved and currently, we have all types of diamonds ranging from polki to other artificial variants. You read that right! Artificial diamonds are just as commonplace as their authentic counterparts, and they are available at almost half the price. But before we get into that, let us take a closer look at the history of diamond engagement rings. GTo get an in-depth idea click

History of diamond cutting

Diamond cutting perhaps evolved from Indian parts almost 3000 years back. In Asia, the Mughals were the first ones to identify and then adopt the use of minerals that are buried in the earth. Several of these minerals were later incorporated into crowns, jewelry, and similar objects.

Among these minerals was diamond which was deemed to be the hardest material to be extracted. Unlike gems, diamonds couldn’t be cut or polished so conveniently. Even though this posed challenges, diamonds were still used widely in jewelry primarily for their appeal and evanescence. Advanced cutting techniques were introduced and then widely adopted thus contributing to the popularity of diamonds. Polki diamonds were one of the most popular diamonds of the time and you can find out more about them

What is cttw diamond?

Cttw refers to the carat total weight of diamonds and this is one of the best ways to ascertain a diamond’s worth. You probably know that cut, carat, and clarity are the three Cs of a diamond, and you need to ensure each of these categories is perfect when you choose the ideal diamond. CTTW diamonds typically determine your diamond’s weight and (in the majority of cases) it is worth it as well. So, if your diamond has a bigger carat, it is likely to be worth more.

Luckily, you can purchase affordable high-carat diamonds from rare carat. The quality of the diamonds is unmatched, and you will find them at unbelievable discounts. The diamonds are exquisite, and you will find a piece of jewelry for every occasion. We recommend following the cttw technique to choose a diamond because that is one of the best ways to deem a diamond’s worth.

When did diamond engagement rings become popular?

At this point, you are probably familiar with the first use of diamond engagement rings when the Austrian archduke proposed to his wife. However, even though diamond rings were introduced in the 1400s, their widespread adoption took a couple of more centuries until the 1900s.

Finally, when the second world war ended and several smaller countries were gaining independence from their colonizers, De Beers, a company based in Britain launched a leading marketing campaign about diamonds that claimed that diamonds were a forever or eternal gift. The idea of eternalizing diamonds boosted the overall sales of diamond products (including rings) by a whopping 50%. Over the following years, the numbers only got bigger.

One of the simplest ways to prove the ever-growing popularity of diamonds is by comparing the sales of the product. For instance, during the mid-nineties, only 10% of the global population proposed a diamond ring. By 2023, that percentage has skyrocketed to a whopping 90. Diamond is deemed an everlasting symbol of love and people across the globe get diamond rings as an ‘eternal gift’.

Today’s diamond rings

Nowadays diamonds are just as popular as they used to be. However, we have certainly witnessed some variations. Unlike the yesteryears, lab-grown diamonds have piqued public interest. Why? Because they are easily available, come in the prettiest of designs, feature the same characteristics as an authentic diamond, and are available at half the price. Rare Carat diamonds specializes in authentic laboratory diamonds, and you will find some of the most exquisite designs. 

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