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The Gentle Giant: Coach Al Jones

Have you ever seen a well-groomed towering figure that should be the epidemy of no nonsense? Well, at first glance Al Jones appears to be that no nonsense figure. However, that immediate feeling of being in the presence of intimidation quickly fades as you learn that the towering man before you really is, a gentle giant, there to help you unlock your potential.

Being the oldest sibling Al had to take on many responsibilities at an early age. As a result of his mother’s sudden illness, and his father’s career demands as an active-duty military member, he had to step in and assist in raising his younger siblings. This was no easy task. But because of the love, support, discipline, and strong work ethic instilled in him by his parents he was able to step up to the plate. While he took on the responsibilities his home life called for, he remained active in sports – overcoming health issues of his own, which allowed him to then transition from baseball to basketball. The sports arena where he will eventually become Coach Al, mentoring many young men and women to greatness.

It is the many challenges that Al Jones faced with grace, strength, and perseverance as a child that has molded him into the man he is today. Beginning at the tender age of 10 Mr. Jones became an entrepreneur, with his own newspaper route, who firmly believed in the power of affirmations. This same newspaper route would give him his first taste of speaking his hearts desires into existence, though he did not know it at the time. The newspaper company issued a challenge to its route distributors – whoever delivers the most papers would win a new bike. Well, would you know it, Al Jones heard that challenge and set out to win, which he did then and is still doing today. This was just the start to his many successes in life.

As an adult Mr. Jones began his career in engineering. However, his real success in the corporate world has come from a position he found by accident. In this space, he ultimately worked his way up to the Top 5 position, out of 200 in the nation, as a Senior Sales Account Executive with a Fortune 100 company. Mr. Jones has held this coveted position for 5 years in a row as a Presidential & Elite winner.

Yet, while he has gained and experienced much success in Corporate America, Mr. Jones has also maintained and flourished as a pillar in his community. He has mentored and guided many young athletes to success, helping them achieve the ultimate goal of succeeding in the professional sports arenas. And, still, Coach Al Jones has found time in his busy schedule to not only learn and become a successful trader for himself in the FOREX Market, but he has also mentored and coached other’s to success in the trading space as well. Thus, earning another stripe on his coach’s hat.

It is without saying that Al Jones is a multi-faceted man with many gifts that he shares eagerly with others. He especially pours into the underdogs, as he genuinely wants to see those who come into his orbit win. And, in return he is blessed with the love, respect, and honor of the lives he has touched along this journey in every arena he steps foot in. While Al Jones’ life may seem very busy, he always remembers to make time for those who drive and inspire him to succeed, his family, which grounds him!

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Joel Woodley

Joel Woodley is a Freelance Entertainment Journalist with a BA in Journalism and an MA in Film and Television. He loves to keep up with all the latest celebrity gossip. Despite being born and raised in the UK, he’s always up to date with stars and celebrities all around the world.

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