The Future Of Twitter After Massive Layoffs

Twitter might be heading in a new direction soon. However, whether the social media app will survive these sudden changes or not is yet to be determined. Elon Musk took over Twitter in October 2022, and the platform has been thrown into chaos. Not only is the platform undergoing some serious renovating, but Musk also decided to lay off a huge number of employees.

ExpressVPN’s research states that currently, Twitter has a mere 1,800 employees. Surprisingly this number is even lesser than Twitter’s employee count in 2012. A lot of people are questioning this decision by Elon Musk. People are still wondering where Elon is heading with Twitter and what his plan is for the future of the social media platform.

The New Version Of Twitter

Twitter is not as it used to be, for sure. With a larger chunk of employees being fired and changes in the app’s policies, people are wondering where the app is headed. The introduction of Twitter Blue and new badges for businesses seems refreshing. But most people are still questioning the reinstation of banned accounts and the sudden personnel changes of Twitter. Let’s take a look at what Elon Musk’s plans are with Twitter and what does he plans to change next within the app.

Where Is Twitter Headed After Massive Layoffs

Musk has recently announced that the company will be hiring new people after more than two-thirds of the company employees were laid off. Musk stated that the new version of Twitter would be hiring engineers and sales personnel, and current employees are free to refer people. Even though there are no job listings available on the official Twitter websites, current employees are reaching out to people to join Twitter 2.0.

It can be said that Musk is looking for a significant culture change in the company’s work environment. Based on statistics, most of the leading personnel in sales have been laid off, and the company is in dire need of new members. Musk also recently stated that Twitter requires engineers that could write software and will be hired on a priority basis.

Additionally, Musk also stated that the current reorganization of the company personnel might be faulty at the initial stages, but he intends to eventually stabilize the company with a diverse range of employees. There are also chances that Twitter will expand its base to other countries to decentralize the current workforce.


It can not be denied that Twitterverse is changing tremendously. The social media platform has already undergone some drastic changes since Elon Musk took over the company. Despite the predictions that Twitter might lose a huge chunk of its users, the social media platform is still flourishing. However, netizens are on the edge of their seats with these newly introduced changes to the app. We are yet to see what the future of Twitter holds and where the app is heading to.