The Divine Diamond Cut Shapes Beyond the Round Brilliant Diamond

Believe it or not, there is always more to diamonds that you see commonly whether on tv, in commercials, or in shops. Diamonds come in different shapes beyond the circle or the round brilliant cut. there is more to know about every diamond cut as they appear differently making it an exciting aspect to opt for other diamond shapes. Try to check the princess cut diamond cut guide, Asscher diamond cut guide, and pear diamond cut guide to getting familiar with these fantastic and surprising shapes that you should know.

Princess Cut

This shape has an inverted pyramid-shaped diamond that has a square or semi-rectangular shape when viewed at the top. It has 76 facets making it one of the most sparkling among all diamond shapes. The shape comes with a similar round-cut diamond cutting style but only that it has a different configuration. See more about the shape through a princess diamond cut guide at Rare Carat.

This is ideal for engagement rings in a solitaire setting that has the most classic and minimalist design which highlights the beauty of the princess cut diamond as the focal point of the jewelry. The princess cut is the perfect shape for channel settings as it gives a clean finish to the ring band since every space will be covered through its symmetrical perimeter. The Halo setting is also great for a princess cut if you want to give it a regal and more glamorous touch. The Pave ring band design also gives a princess-cut diamond center stone piece a highlight since it will look more emphasized through the entourage of stones beside it. See the Rare Carat shop for a princess diamond cut guide to help you with selecting the best jewelry design and setting for it.

Asscher Cut

Similar to the emerald cut, Asscher cut diamonds are square in the main configuration but only with a 45-degree angle cutting on its corners giving it a final asymmetrical octagonal shape. They have more facets but are of similar directions and orientations of staggering cuttings. This shape is perfect for jewelry designs with vintage charm and edgy embellishments. See more about the shape through an Asscher diamond cut guide at Rare Carat.

For Asscher cut diamonds, its cropped corners and step-cut faceting pattern go well with intricate details of liner patterns in vintage jewelry designs. It can be in Bezel, Prong, or solitaire settings. Thus, this is also perfect for Three-stone or trilogy ring having two side diamonds smaller than the center stone. With the bezel setting, the shape of the diamond will be highlighted and will create a modern touch to the vintage jewelry. With a bezel setting, a bezel-set Asscher diamond ring can have a pave ring band design. The rim of the bezel setting will also protect its 8 corners creating a secure center-stone jewelry piece. Asscher cut diamond will also look prestige for drop earrings. See the Rare Carat shop for the Asscher diamond cut guide to help you with selecting the best jewelry design and setting for it.

Pear Cut

A modified round brilliant cut that features a rounded end on one side and a sharp pointed end on the other side that creates a dagger-like shape is the pear cut to shape. This shape is for those who are seeking something that has well-combined contradicting features. This shape is perfect for dainty and chic jewelry designs. This style can be worn in two ways whether the pointed edge facing up or down depending on the jewelry design that suits best the chosen orientation. See more about the shape through a pear diamond cut guide at Rare Carat. 

This cut is perfect for drop earrings, pendants, and engagement rings. For drop earrings, the pear cut will look like a water or teardrop giving it an emotional glow. Pear-shaped diamonds are also good for cluster setting center-stone where a particular figure can be possibly achieved such as a g-clef, Swirls, etc. Cluster settings define a lustrous effect when the several diamond pieces surrounding the pear-cut diamond sparkle and shine. See the Rare Carat shop for Pear diamond cut guide to help you with selecting the best jewelry design and setting for it.

To sum up, there are many different jewelry settings and styles that work best with the princess, Ascher, and pear diamond cuts, and they all rely on the wearer’s preferences. However, the aforementioned styles and settings are proven choices that will improve the appeal of each diamond cut.