The director of the most influential French NFTs company leaves his post.

Thimoj NFTs has become in a few months the most prestigious NFTs company on the French territory.

Its director, known under the pseudonym “PucKix” who is none other than Teddy Celdran, a young French businessman, decides to withdraw from the project.

Is success becoming too much of a burden?

Teddy has worked with some of the biggest chains in the NFT world such as StepN or BoredApeYachtClub.

He got many partnerships with huge artists like Charlie Puth or Twenty One Pilot.

Very big commercial brands are fighting to get a collection as Nike, Louis Vuitton and more recently Disney.

“Thimoj has the ability to create unique worlds and universes. The graphic possibilities are limitless and they have the art of presenting them to us by creating real short films worthy of the biggest production companies” explains the French communication agency of Disney.

Teddy Celdran was under contract with Binance, and Opensea to provide a limited number of collections. Tickets for the astroverse and his “Meta-cyba” collection sold out in just a few hours.

We finally learned that he was going to retire from the project in a final fireworks display thanks to a final event in the astroverse.

And for good reason! He is recently considered the most influential ETH investor in France and is ranked in the top 5 in Europe! ( Binancial Source)

An inspiring success for a young businessman who does not come from this world!

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