The Different Types of Greek Orthodox Icons and Why You Should Buy Them

Greek Orthodox Icons are an important part of the Eastern Christian tradition. The earliest evidence of the use of ikons in Christian worship was from around 320 A.D. when Roman Emperor Constantine persecuted Christians, and Church leaders felt they needed to be more discreet about their religious practices. You should consider greek orthodox icons to buy for your home. 

Churches often set up a niche (a deep-set space with a semi-circular arch) within which icons would be displayed; these niches served as mini chapels protecting this sacred art form against the raids and depredations that plagued early Christianity during those times.

Greek Orthodox Icons

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, icons are an important part of worship and prayer. Icons can be found in churches, homes, and other places where adherents gather. These images represent saints and holy people from both the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible. 

The icon is used to help remind Christians about Jesus Christ’s presence in their lives as well as those who have gone before them on this earth. There are many different types of Greek Orthodox icons. 

They come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Some people buy them for their beauty while others buy them to remember a loved one who has passed away. Greek Orthodox icons are a special type of religious art, and they can be found in many homes and churches. 

They have been around for centuries, but not everyone knows what they are or why to buy them. If you are looking for a unique gift to give someone, then look no further than an icon. Icons are paintings of Christ or other saints that are often displayed in homes and churches. 

Different Types

– Accessories: such as crosses, Gospel books, and icons of the Theotokos- Icons for the home: these are often small icons that can be placed on a shelf or hung on a wall- Icons for public worship: these are usually large icons that are placed in an appropriate place in a church

– Monstrances: used to display the Eucharist, they can be any size but are often large

– Panagia: Icons of the Theotokos that contain her entombed body. These are worn on necklaces and bracelets as a sign of devotion to Mary.- Patens: used for services or parishes in which bread is consecrated into.

– Greek coffee:  a type of coffee made in Greece and Cyprus. It is usually served after Holy Communion

– Candles: usual icons about the size of a quarter that are carried in Greek Orthodox services.

Festal vestments: worn by priests during special feasts and often made to resemble Byzantine imperial attire, they can have kraspedon (a type of spangled cloth) or embroidery on them.

Brocade is used because of its rich texture; it can be used to make churches or icons.

– Relics: these are usually pieces of cloth that contain ashes from a saint’s bones. They have been traditionally regarded as being holy and thus having miraculous properties.

Why buy Greek Orthodox icons?

There are many reasons to buy Greek Orthodox icons. Some people may want an icon for their home, while others may want one for public worship or for use as a monstrance. Icons can also be bought for art’s sake or as a souvenir of travels in Greece.

Icons are often seen as an instrument through which the faithful can call upon God and saints to pray on their behalf. Many Greek Orthodox Christians also place icons within domestic shrines so that they may remember to worship them throughout the day with prayers and by burning incense.

To Conclude

The Orthodox Church has its own type of icon called Byzantine Iconography, which is characterized by the use of gold leaf backgrounds and vivid colors. There are many different types of icons you can buy, including ones with religious symbols, saints, historical figures, biblical stories, famous Greek writers and philosophers, as well as animals from Greek legends. Read on to find out more about each type!

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