The Diamonds of the Season: Miss Filipina International Pageant

The upcoming Coronation Night of the Miss Filipina International Pageant culminates the hard work that Geoff Jimenez has put into reshaping the MFI. The pageant represents a more diverse group of young women of Filipino descent and the next generation’s great leaders, as they glisten on the ballroom stage. Boasting a global audience, MFI represents the best of Filipino culture and its large impact.

By Taylor Spill|@taylorespill

The International Ballroom of The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles glistens with the collective joy shared by the pageant-goers, all gathered with the purpose of celebrating Filipino culture through this Coronation Night. The Miss Filipina International (MFI) Pageant is a force to be reckoned with, encompassing the best of the highly coveted fashion and culture of the Philippines. This year, the pageant will represent an even wider demographic of Filipino heritage, as any person who is at least a quarter Filipino is qualified to compete. Coronation Night will focus on celebrating how Filipino culture has manifested itself globally; boasting international and high-profile attendees, MFI captures anecdotes of Filipino culture by displaying the elegance, grace, intelligence, and beauty of each candidate in the spectacle that is Coronation Night.

The Beverly Hilton International Ballroom furthers the elegance represented by the competitors of MFI. With a portfolio of high-profile events such as the Golden Globes, the ballroom signifies the importance of MFI and the role it plays in both celebrating and sharing Filipino heritage. Every detail of the space adds to the awaited Coronation night. The event is special to both competitors and guests alike, through the starlights that illuminate the built-in stage, the large crystal chandelier, and the tables adorned with meticulous floral arrangements and fine china. Each competitor represents the Philippines through designer dresses to abridged stories of their lives to philanthropic endeavors. The competition is meant to be a holistic representation of successful women who embody pride in their heritage.

With his recent acquisition of MFI, CEO, and philanthropist Geoff Jimenez has fostered positive change in reshaping the event, from making competition guidelines more inclusive. Geoff has always had a passion for helping others to achieve their greatest potential With over three decades of experience in home health, he has helped to expand healthcare to disadvantaged individuals and has donated profits to a variety of charities. Now, as the head of MFI, he is helping young women find their voice, celebrate their accomplishments, and embrace their culture. Geoff has opened the door for women of various backgrounds and ethnicities to shine on the stage and represent the globalization of Filipino culture.

In addition, Geoff has taken steps to ensure that MFI caters to the success of the next generation of young women. From selecting candidates that represent the leaders of the next generation–through their talents, philanthropic endeavors, and passions–to encouraging young women to find out what gives them meaning, Geoff has set the precedent of what it means in 2023 to be Miss Filipina International. Intelligent, talented, radiant, confident, and passionate are just some of the qualities that describe Geoff’s well-rounded vision of who Miss Filipina International is.

Through Geoff’s philanthropic endeavors, MFI hopes that this vision will translate to a wide array of guests. Geoff hopes to curate an environment that is welcoming to a diverse pool of competitors and guests from various walks of life, and inspiring individuals to devote themselves to bettering the lives of others. Through his vision, the MFI pageant represents the power of an inclusive community, encouraging kindness and people to seek out the best versions of themselves.

Coronation Night is symbolic of the culmination of the work that goes into selecting candidates who represent the best of the new generation of young women. The competitors are encouraged to shine inside and out through their beautiful ballgowns and unique personalities. MFI is representative of the beauty of Filipino culture and the importance of coming together in a collective space to celebrate heritage and achievement.