The dedicated blockchain development team

When it arrives to software development, there are three major forms to cooperate with software development organizations:

  • hourly payment;
  • fixed price project;
  • dedicated team.

In the hourly model, the client pays for the time the developers spend working on the project.

Fixed-price projects mean that all requirements are clearly defined before development starts, and the cost is a fixed amount for a usually finished product. In the dedicated blockchain development team model, the client has the most flexibility as they can change the amount of work and pay the price per person on the dedicated team. The more people on the team, the higher the costs.

The idea of ​​outsourcing is not new in the market, and many companies are already working with remote teams. Nowadays, businesses have begun employing reliable team norms to run up the development process and make it more flexible.

What is a designated team model?

The main idea of ​​a dedicated team is that the company hires a group of professionals who can complete the task without difficulty. Typically, a company seeking help agrees and employs a team of IT professionals, quality control engineers, UX / UI designers, business developers, and other specialists to perform a complete cycle of defi exchange development services.

It even suggests that the group will function solely on the customer’s project, just like the in-house group.

Reliable teams usually operate full-time, but part-time is also likely. When it comes to billing, customers pay a pre-agreed amount, which means there are no unexpected charges.

Benefits of using a dedicated team for blockchain ​​development

Benefits of a dedicated team of blockchain developers:

  • Flexibility. When planning, the client can make changes on the fly, allowing the entire project to grow naturally.
  • Full control. The client will control the entire project.
  • Focus. Since the team works with only one client, they can focus all their attention and efforts in the best possible way.
  • Scalability. The client can determine the size of the team. Depending on the current stage of development, certain specialists can be added or removed from the group and the team.
  • An experience. Each developer in the team has many years of experience behind him and knows modern trends and technologies.
  • They understand the project and processes. The client will completely understand the plans and procedures involved in working on his project.
  • Continuous communication. Good communication is the key to success, and the client can keep in touch with the team at every stage.
  • Wide range of resources. The companies have a sufficient number of qualified specialists in all areas, which makes it possible to complete a full-fledged dedicated team.
  • Efficiency. There is no doubt that well-established team processes and extensive experience are the keys to successful work in achieving the desired result.