The Best Korean Beauty Store Near You

In addition to K-Pop and K-Drama, K-Beauty supply has emerged as a frontrunner of the Korean Wave because it caters to the demanding tastes of consumers who envy the flawless “glass skin” of Korean superstars.

For example, Korean cosmetics have become quite popular due to the 10-step Korean skincare program, and you can even get some of them at Sephora.

If you are looking for beauty supply stores near me or LA beauty supply near me, then this article can help you. Several good beauty supply businesses in Koreatown also stock popular Korean brands. Seeing how many brands they had with such a wide variety of things was excellent, having just visited Korea in recent years. We’ll start by highlighting a few that are interesting enough to see, even if you want to shop.

List of Top 5 Koreatown USA Beauty Supply Stores

1. Aritaum California Marketplace

Aritaum is an ordinary Korean cosmetic business. If you are in South Korea, you may see them regularly, particularly in the center of Seoul. It is even noticed at various places in Koreatown, LA; one is found in California Market. 

They sell not just the original Aritaum brands, including Laneige, Sulwhasoo, IOPE, Mamonde, and Hanyul, but also others like Innisfree. The woman at the desk is kind and calm as she patiently waits for the clients to explore the location as much as they desire. 

Only things costing more than $5 may be purchased using a card at this particular business. Everything from bedtime necessities to cosmetics, tools, and manicure tips can be found here, and the store’s layout is reminiscent of its counterparts in South Korea. If your purchase total is over a particular threshold, you will also be eligible for gifts.

2. Peach & Lily

Peach & Lily is a paradise for skin care nerds, stocking only the best Korean skincare and beauty items (including its line). Peach & Lily was founded by Alicia Yoon, a Harvard Business School graduate who transitioned from beauty lover to skincare specialist. 

Yoon stocks the online store with goods she has tested and obtained on her travels to South Korea. The most exciting aspect about this shop? How many different options are there? You may discover well-known K-beauty brands like Banila Co. and those you may not have heard of before, such as Shangpree, in addition to the excellent in-house collection.

3. The Crème Shop

This cream shop is well-known for its inexpensive products and adorable collaborations with popular characters like Hello Kitty, the Trolls, and Line Friends. 

Skincare, color cosmetics, body items, spa accessories, beauty equipment, face masks, and more are just some of the many goods this firm produces (all in lovely packaging, of course). Popular items often cost less than $10.

4. Glow Recipe

After meeting at L’Oreal, Sarah Lee and Christine Chang decided to start their own beauty company, Glow Recipe. K-beauty e-retailer Glow Recipe Skincare began as an online distributor of products from other companies, but as its popularity rose, it developed its line of products. Watermelon and avocado-based products from the pair have been trendy.

5. Dermstore

You may not anticipate Dermstore as your go-to destination for K-beauty goods; nonetheless, the premier company has some of the most reputable brands available. 

You should also pick up some Korean items like CosRx, 3Lab, and Boscia in addition to your Olaplex favorites and incredible value bundles. If you do this, you won’t regret it.

In conclusion, the best Korean beauty stores near you provide excellent service and authentic products. So check them out next time you need high-quality beauty products!