The Band Sebastian Is A Staple In The Music Industry

“I am blessed to be an entrepreneur. My day consists of working with musicians and helping them reach his marketing goals. As a music executive with the lineage that grows exposure and sales for my clients, I am proud to be able to help myself in the music industry and other artists as a consultant, distributor and publicist.”

These are the words from renowned California native artist, The Band Sebastian, when asked about what a day in his shoes looks like. The Band Sebastian is an incredibly humble man with many talents to him. Being a consultant, distributor, and publicist, he is certainly a jack of all trades. In his current life, he spends lots of his time working with musicians and creating goals for them in ways that he believes will have the light of the music business shine brightly onto them. By taking these similar steps himself, The Band Sebastian knows the world of music well as well as the business side to it as well. He is incredibly well versed and understands how important music is and what it can do for people in their lives. We strongly look forward to hearing more music from The Band Sebastian this upcoming May as he looks to release his newest single, through VIP Recordings, titled, “True Love”. 

Be sure to keep up with The Band Sebastian on his official Instagram page, as well as listen to his most recent releases on his Spotify artist page. You can also keep up with all current works from The Band Sebastian on his official website.

Lliam Nelson

Lliam is a freelance writer who has been reporting on entertainment news and trending stories for over a decade. He's written for WorldAuthors.Org, the Brand.Education and Quora. Lliam's favourite topics are celebrities and TV. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, catching up on his favourite shows, and sipping on the best local brews.

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