The All-Round Talented Artist Tai Mistyque Has Released Her Newest Single, “Toxic”

Tai Mistyque has released her newest single, titled “Toxic” The talented pop singer attempted to demonstrate her versatility with this song. Johnny Innuendo is the man behind the production of “Toxic”. This single transports listeners back to the passionate feeling of sparks between two people. It tells the story of an unanticipated love connection that is so strong that someone is determined to keep it. Tai believes that women should have the confidence to make the first move and pursue their goals.

The lyrics of “Toxic” revolve around a love story filled to the brim with tenacity. It is appropriate for self-assured women who make the first move in their relationships. Without a doubt, many women will be able to relate to “Toxic.” Tai, who is known for sharing her personal experiences through radio-friendly melodies and transporting her listeners into her own experiences, will captivate their attention once again with her newest single.

Tai Mistyque is an R&B singer and songwriter from Racine, Wisconsin. She’s best known for creating music that, with its whimsical melodies and seamless vocals, lulls listeners into a trance. Tai’s music collection includes contemporary Pop/RnB songs such as her recent single “Be Without Me,” her debut EP, “Last Summer,” and her latest single, “Toxic,” which focuses on female empowerment.

She makes music for everyday women who are seeking spiritual enlightenment, fighting for equal rights or simply pursuing their dreams. She composes songs that tell the stories of ordinary women and the pursuit of their dreams. Tai is determined to use her Divine ability to make the world a better and more equal place for all. She has an unusually strong affinity for music. “If music were a person,” she says, “they would be the person I would confide in.”

 “Toxic” is now available on all major platforms, including Spotify and YouTube. Follow Tai Mistyque’s Instagram for more information and updates on her future projects.