The Abilities of Facial Recognition Software

Do you remember seeing a movie where the police used special software to detect a wanted criminal’s face among the crowds? In order to accomplish this, they used facial recognition software, which can also be helpful in other circumstances. Companies can use it for biometric time attendance systems, or user authentication systems in cars or electronic devices. Read about the abilities of facial recognition software.

Facial Recognition Software: What is it?

Your picture is most likely part of a database of images used for face recognition, as half of all American adults can be found there. In May 2018, the FBI database contained 412 milion facial images. 

We start with your face, captured from a video or a photo. Then, facial recognition software starts its work – it studies the geometry of your face, including the distance and spacing between your eyes, bridge and shape of the nose, as well as the contour of the chin, ears and lipsEven 68 facial landmarks specific to your face can be recognized by facial recognition software. As a result, we can use a mathematical formula compared to a database of faces, and finally get a matching faceprint.

Take advantage of face recognition software 

Your business can benefit greatly from face recognition software, like the one available on We can enumerate three basic categories of face recognition software systems, which can deal with face detection, face recognition, or face grouping. 

It can be used instead of registers or timecards, for the prevention of incorrect and fraudulent attendance recording. No more buddy punching or time theft, no more disputes over overtime, late arrivals or early leaving of your employees.

Face recognition software is an excellent solution for workplaces with restricted areas – only authorized users can access them. Similarly, it may be used for online profile verification, in social media or dating platforms.

Driving can also be much safer with face recognition software. Such technology monitors the changes in eye position, warning the drivers in case they have lost concentration. It’s also quite useful for multiple drivers using one vehicle, who can have their own settings of mirrors, seat position or even their favorite radio station.

Test face recognition software 

If you want to be sure the face recognition software is something your business really needs, learn about face recognition online, visiting the Skybiometry demos section. You can test all three sections – detection, recognition, and grouping, to find the best solution for your needs.