The 5 New Products Coming to Skin Poem this Summer

The world’s next favorite skincare brand, Skin Poem, will be launching 5 exciting new products this summer. After overwhelming success and international acclaim for the brand’s four-product launch, Skin Poem founder and CEO Chin Simpson is ready to take things to the next level.

Made with only the kindest of intentions, each Skin Poem product proudly includes a poetry verse full of uplifting affirmations and heartwarming encouragement. These kind words are accompanied by ethically sourced high-quality ingredients that will leave skin type feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Simpson created the brand as a loving response to her brother’s painful psoriasis outbreaks, so while each product is incredibly beneficial to every gender and skin type, it was especially developed with dryness and psoriasis in mind.

Despite the steadily growing line of products, Skin Poem hopes to supplement each user’s pre-existing skin care routine, rather than replace the other beauty brands they already know and love. With the upcoming heat, humidity, and dryness of summer coming up quickly, Skin Poem’s upcoming drop will be the perfect accent to your current skin care product lineup.

Product 1: The Probiotic Face Wash

Skin Poem’s ultra-softening probiotic face wash cleanses skin while balancing out pH levels and bacteria in the skin environment. It works to not only clean the skin with each use, but to strengthen the skin’s ability to maintain itself with good bacteria. This face wash also incorporates lactic acid, which promotes the shedding of dead skin cells and the clearing of pores without stripping the skin of natural moisture. It can be used in the morning to improve complexion for the day or at night to remove makeup and cleanse before bed. With a flexible formula that can be used any time on any skin type, this probiotic face wash proves itself to be the perfect combination of gentle and effective.

Product 2: The Sunblock

While searching for the perfect summer sunblock can be a daunting task, Skin Poem offers a refreshing relief from the average sunblock. This invisible, non-greasy formula goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly in order to keep skin looking glowy without adding an impossible-to-remove white cast. Simpson curated this cream-based sunblock specifically for people who do not wear makeup: with orange mandarin extract to brighten skin, this sunblock creates a dewy, fresh-faced look that makes skin shine from the inside out. However, for those who do enjoy wearing makeup, the formula is perfectly suitable to layer makeup on as well. This gorgeous SPF 50 formula is perfect for protecting kids, men, and women against UVA and UVB rays this summer.

Product 3: The Bakuchiol Serum

Skin Poem’s incredible anti wrinkle bakuchiol serum smooths fine lines and helps stimulate skin cell generation and collagen-producing receptors. This effective, plant-derived alternative to retinol is safe for use for pregnant women as it is a gentle and natural extract of the babchi plant. Simpson developed this serum to have a unique cream base and a formula that specifically targets those with wrinkles, fine lines, and sensitive skin. First time users should start off using this product once or twice a week, then gradually increase usage until they are able to use it daily.

Product 4: The New and Improved All-Purpose Cream

After hearing feedback about the two creams in Skin Poem’s first product drop, Simpson decided to combine the benefits of the two and relaunch it as one new-and-improved product so people wouldn’t have to decide which one would benefit them the most. This new all-purpose cream will target dry and sensitive skin on the face and body. It can be applied every day and it comes in a larger jar in order to support this broader and more frequent use. Despite its intensely moisturizing formula, this cream is still perfect for use in the summer with its lightweight and fast-absorbing texture. It includes active incidents such as cherimoya fruit extract and licorice root extract, which help improve complexion by reducing redness, irritation, and swelling.

Product 5: Reverse

This youth-activator is the star product of Skin Poem’s upcoming launch. This ultra-powerful wrinkle reduction cream contains ethically sourced all-natural active ingredients that work hard to firm the skin and maintain elasticity. While the formula was crafted to reverse wrinkles for a more mature audience, the younger population can also benefit from this cream’s preventative properties. This lightweight, highly moisturizing cream can be used in the morning or at night for dry skin, but the brand recommends that those with oily skin only use this product at night.

By Roxy De Guzman