Tesla CEO Elon Musk says his Wikipedia page is ‘insane’ and a ‘war zone’

Wikipedia has always been considered a great tool for a lot users to verify some information. However, the truth is that – everything that is there on Wikipedia is not true and shouldn’t be taken as gospel. Just like in the case of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Wikipedia page. His Wikipedia page says that Musk is a “technology entrepreneur, investor and engineer.”

However, Musk took to his Twitter yesterday and said that his Wikipedia page was insane. He tweeted: “Just looked at my wiki for 1st time in years. It’s insane! Btw, can someone please delete “investor”. I do basically zero investing.”

Not only had this, in a reply to his tweet, Musk even said that one day he will be writing what’s his “fictionalized version of reality.” He further said in a tweet, “My wiki is a war zone with a zillion edits. At least it’s obviously not curated! Someday, I should probably write what *my* fictionalized version of reality is.”

The Tesla CEO was also straight forward in acknowledging what would happen if his two major companies — Tesla and SpaceX — were to go bankrupt. Musk said that if both his companies go bankrupt, then he too will go bankrupt, before adding, “as it should be”.

A Twitter user even asked Musk whether he would be working during the holiday season or not. Musk on this said, “Unfortunately, this has been necessary for many years, but hopefully not forever.”

The fact about Musk not being an investor anymore is absolutely true. He actually hasn’t made big-ticket investments in the last many years. His major investments to date are Tesla, SpaceX, as well as the Big Boring Company. Undoubtedly, Tesla is Musk’s biggest venture, followed by SpaceX. SpaceX is a space exploration company with which Musk even has ambitious plans and it is something he talks of quite often.