Teen Entrepreneur Shares His Secrets to Making Six Figures While Still in High School

With 10 successful businesses and relentless passion to succeed, Brendan Cox is well on his way to making a name for himself. From the tender age of nine, Cox developed a knack for business and entrepreneurship. Today, at 19, this young businessman is living the dream of many around the world and sharing his learnings.

And now, due to his passion for helping young people succeed, Brendan Cox has put all of his business secrets in a new book. The book is entitled Strictly Business: How to Crush it as a Young Entrepreneur.”  It contains simple and realistic tips to help you keep that fire burning on your entrepreneurial journey.

The book, just published, is a short, but engaging read. It contains three sections, featuring real-life examples of what you should and shouldn’t do when launching your business concept. It proves, above all else, that success comes from the little, often neglected details. Above all, Cox’s book shows how knowledge, perseverance and open mindedness are critical keys to your success.

The book opens with an introduction detailing the inspirational story of the author. It tells the story of how he started out selling candy and gum in school and went on to manage 10+ businesses before he reached his 20th birthday.

Cox talks about energy and passion as prerequisites but not the only ingredients. He also highlights a serious point about how dreams and aspirations are different from actually wanting something. He then goes on to ask a crucial question; “Why are You Here”? And just when you start to think you’re too young to be capable of success or to be accomplished in your 20’s, he states clearly that “age is just a number”.

Brendan explains that if you desire a book that teaches you how to “master your mindset” and choose action over words this book is for you. Talk is cheap, after all. While admitting no one business person has all the answers, Cox emphasizes the need to trust your gut at all times. And if you feel like you’ve failed too many times for far too long, there’s a chapter, where you can take the good out of failure and transform it into strength for the future success.

Above all, “Success doesn’t Happen Overnight”. You have to stay motivated, committed, and realistic. Part Two consists of chapters that will show you how to “adapt and overcome” as well as “fight fear” and embrace the competition. If you’re truly passionate about succeeding, one way to go is to study the experiences of others who have succeeded. Getting this book is a good first step for any entrepreneur.

Part Three focuses on the importance of staying relevant. With practical tips and illustrations, Cox explains how a positive image and being visible are critically important aspects of your business. And no matter how much you think you have achieved, you have to “stay hungry” to prosper as a young entrepreneur.You can get the full scope of Brendan Cox’s experience and tips by grabbing a copy of the book on Amazon.