Teen Blurb is Anchoring The News On Tik Tok

Teen Blurb is a fast growing media company based in the United States that is gaining traction by anchoring the news on Tik Tok. Teen Blurb describes themself as “reliable source for covering the latest trends in culture, gaming, influencers, music and more.” From highlighting viral creators to covering the latest gaming news, Teen Blurb has a strong platform with a prominently gen-z audience. 

We reached out to Teen Blurb and they were kind enough to answer some of our questions regarding their platform:

What makes Teen Blurb unique in comparison to other news/media companies?
Teen Blurb is unique in that it covers influencers and stories that aren’t usually covered by the mainstream media. We strive to cover those making a positive impact on others through our stories in attention to giving the spotlight to those who deserve it most!

What is your mission at Teen Blurb?
At Teen Blurb our mission is to highlight creators all over the world for their unique skills, talents and accomplishments. 

Teen Blurb has a prominent Gen Z audience. How does that change your outlook on how you should attract readers?
We like to say Teen Blurb has no boundaries, and welcomes interesting people all around the world to share their impactful stories. Our aim is to give maximum exposure to those making a difference.

How does Teen Blurb select who and who not to cover?
We don’t cover creators solely based on followers or so-called “clout.” If you have an interesting story that is deemed newsworthy by our team we will happily feature it!