Team About Insider interviews Mian Araham Ataullah

Mian Araham Ataullah is known for his chivalrous nature, keeping in touch with fashion shadowing style statements, flaunting his accessories and cars while keeping a very down to earth nature. He is an alumnus of University of London having been graduated with a law degree at the age of 22.

Currently, he is practicing law in Pakistan and focuses mainly on pro-bono cases. He, at many times, advocated for minority rights and talked about the need for reforming laws regarding medical negligence.

What made you opt for a law degree?
My inspiration has always been my grandfather. I am fortunate to carry his name not only as my surname but for generations to come. My grandfather wasn’t a lawyer but he was highly educated in addition to being a renowned businessman. He always taught me to help people whenever and wherever I can. I have seen him helping various people, financially and otherwise. Law, being the profession of Lords, in itself opens various ways in accordance to helping people who are in immense need of legal help. As a lawyer I intend to help people who are in need of such legal help by providing them with free legal assistance and being their voice in the court of law.

What problems/mistakes do you think people make in their initial professional days?
The hunger or greed (whatever you want to call it) for money and fame. I have seen this in many people that prior to taking their first step in the professional world they always focus on money and fame. Rather than being hungry for money, one should be hungry for knowledge – for wisdom.

Secondly, I feel like many young graduates tend to be confused as to the very dogma of the profession, which can be labeled as a pretty naive mistake, though it can easily be sorted out with a bit of enthusiasm and as I mentioned before, hunger for knowledge, know the game first and once you know it, play it and then see yourself winning it.
One very important thing which obviously cannot be left unsaid is the mistake of being with the wrong company. This issue doesn’t limit itself to any profession but applies to life as a whole. You might have heard the phrase ‘you are known by the company you keep’ I’d like to make an addition to this by saying ‘you eventually become just like the company you keep’. One should understand the utmost importance of hanging around positive and happy people. One should avoid taking advice or even meeting people who pull others down to either their own level or just say demotivating things, Rumi said and I quote ‘whenever setting out on a journey, do not take advice from those who have never left home’. I think that we need to be careful while following the ‘masses’ because sometimes the ‘m’ in the masses is silent.

You have to be your own hero. Take inspiration within yourself. Do not follow anyone because everyone is different and they do things according to their own comfort and mental level. Young professionals need to follow their hearts.

People think negatively about lawyers especially in South Asia. What is your take on that?
Sadly, yes. People do think a bit negatively about lawyers. When anyone says ‘I’m an attorney’ no image should come into your mind but that of Barrister Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Founder of Pakistan). 

Don’t believe everything you hear, unless, you’ve experienced something personally. Even if you’ve had such an experience in the past, remember that there are a lot of lawyers in the world and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. So, if you’ve had an issue with just one lawyer you can’t judge the whole legal profession based on your experience with just that one lawyer.

Lawyers help a lot of people on a daily basis. Lawyers are known to be the voice of people suffering from injustice. Lawyers will indeed go to any length to help provide you with justice.

Any advice for law students?
Don’t stress over studies. Don’t stress over case laws and statutes. Law degree is difficult and there is no doubt in this statement. You might have heard that many people fail in this degree, indeed they do, however, don’t stress over the statistics because where people fail there are students who pass as well. When I was studying law, my father always asked me not to worry about it. Every year, a day prior to my result, my father used to ask me to take a trip overseas after my result and specially to take one in case I fail (I did not fail of course) however I did always make that trip. The point is, do not stress over such things or anything as a matter of fact. Always be focused, study hard and then leave the result and/or the outcome to the Almighty.

Thank you Mr. Ataullah for taking time out of your busy schedule for us. It was a pleasure interviewing you and we wish you all the very best for your future.

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