Tarushi Personalising and Humanizing mobile app experience – Saketh Ashvapuram

Saketh Ashvapuram, Founder&CEO at Tarushi Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, the company behind mobile applications “Make a Receipt” and “Shop It Stealth notes” which stood as the top-ranked business apps in the United States and United Kingdom App Store, which solved their customer’s purpose in a very simple and efficient way. 

‘I always believe in Being Simple, Being Capable. Learning about using our app just consumes that time which you take on reading the text on the buttons inside the application. Our apps have only those options which are needed for the user to solve the purpose of why the app has been downloaded. We hear from each of our customers and do all the necessary changes which are requested which means our apps are tailored to our user’s preferences. Loyal customers are our key factor to the success’ Says Saketh Ashvapuram.

At Tarushi, the apps developed are not only just programmed for a requirement but humanized to give the best experience to the user that drives engagement and solves the exact purpose which is expected by the user while downloading the app.

Planning for an app, talking to the targeted audience, taking inputs from them as requirements, implementing them in a simple and easy-to-use way will be conventional at Tarushi Software Solutions. Each and every app that comes from Tarushi will be standing as a unique and most user-friendly app as it solves all the purposes needed by the user and also if anything needs to be altered, no worries. Saketh would be just available in a tap of email click or simple request submit from his website’s contact form.

Tarushi was started by Saketh Ashvapuram in October 2017, and within not more than a year two apps from Tarushi have ranked under the Top 10 business paid category in the United States and United Kingdom territories.

To know more about Tarushi Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. visit official website https://tarushisoft.com/ or you can contact Founder & CEO Saketh Ashvapuram through email saketh@tarushisoft.com