Tarah Who? Unleashes ‘Army of Women’ – The Punk-Rock Revolution We Didn’t Know We Needed

Enter Tarah Carpenter and her incredible project, “Tarah Who?” in a world where ordinary songs rule the radio. With their newest single, “Army of Women,” Tarah leads the charge with drumsticks in hand and a rebellious attitude. Imagine punk, grunge, and a hint of industrial vibes mixed together; it’s like a never-ending musical mosh pit.

“Army of Women” is a symphony of sonic rebellion, collaborating with sound wizard Alain Johannes, whose production credits read like an induction speech into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Mix Queens of the Stone Age with a hint of “I don’t give a damn” and you have Chris Cornell. 

“Tarah Who?” isn’t applying the brakes after enduring a year of touring that would make roadies perspire just by reading about it – sharing stages with icons like L7, Life of Agony, Madball, and Prong. They resemble the caffeine-dripping energy bunny, and “Army of Women” serves as the soundtrack for their relentless pursuit.

At the age of 14, Tarah Carpenter, the musical superhero we didn’t know we needed, broke stereotypes by beginning her journey in France. In the present day, she has become a one-woman musical wrecking crew, adept in songwriting, producing, bass, guitar, and vocals. Gender norms, get out of the way because Tarah is about to drop a mean riff.

However, “Army of Women” is more than just a song with loud drums and screaming guitars—it’s a rallying cry for courage and unity. Tarah Carpenter transforms into the fearless frontwoman we all want to follow into the electronic battleground with lyrics that honor the unwavering spirit of women.

“Tarah Who?” has taken over media platforms like Rolling Stone France, Voici, Tatouage Magazine, and GIG Radar, leaving a trail of eardrum devastation in its wake, from the stages of Hellfest to the Wheels & Waves Motorcycle Festival. They are a force to be reckoned with, not just a band.

And don’t believe that they are slowing down. The 2023 tour schedule sounds like the stuff of fantastical rock ‘n’ roll world tours. Along with artists like Life of Agony, Prong, and Madball, they have traversed Europe, swept through the East Coast with L7, and returned for a second European outing with Life of Agony and Prong. “Tarah Who?” would already be a VIP if rock ‘n’ roll had frequent flier miles.

But there’s still more! A new EP featuring Alain Johannes is coming in 2024, so get ready for something that sounds like lightning striking a guitar factory. Fans, get ready for an incredible musical ride; things are going to get crazy.

“Army of Women” is a movement as much as a song. So grab a seat, and let “Tarah Who?” take you on an incredible musical adventure. Your eardrums will be appreciative.