TaniA Kyllikki returns with her captivating voice, bringing forth a new song just in time for the romantic Valentine’s season. The title of her latest release is “I struck gold with you” 

TaniA’s new release exudes a palpable sense of love in the atmosphere. Right in time for Valentine’s. Written by TaniA Kyllikki and produced by her spouse Rynellton, also recognised as Garry D. Hairston, (I Struck Gold With You) recounts the extraordinary narrative of the ten-year love between TaniA Kyllikki, the British songbird, singer-songwriter from the UK, and Rynellton, a music producer originating from the USA.

Despite facing various obstacles, such as TaniA’s health issues, their profound affection for one another and their mutual dedication to music have garnered widespread recognition as a profound source of motivation. They are perceived as an ascending, powerful couple with a commanding presence. This song is a sincere homage to the profound affection they share.

This is also dedicated to TaniA’s fanbase, given the substantial increase she’s had since her remarkable outbreak as an indie artist. This song is a sincere tribute to her followers, conveying appreciation for their steadfast support and affection. TaniA’s admirers have a profound connection with her, valuing her as both a human and an accomplished independent artist.

TaniA Kyllikki is credited with writing the lyrics to “I Struck Gold With You.”
The music is composed by Rynellton, who is also recognised as Garry D. Hairston.
Vocal sound engineer: TaniA Kyllikki, Jamaal Davis, a music sound engineer,
Proficiently executed by the skilled Phil Dust,
Vocal producer in charge: TaniA Kyllikki,
The backing vocal producer is Rynellton, who is also recognised as Garry D. Hairston.
The lead and backing harmonies: TaniA Kyllikki,
Photograph taken by: TaniA Kyllikki,
Single cover designed by TaniA Kyllikki.
Makeup and hair were styled by TaniA Kyllikki.
Released under: Awe Inspiring Records,
Additionally, it will be included on TaniA’s upcoming “Free-Spirited” album release in 2024. 

You can download, stream and save – I Struck Gold With You

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