Talkin’ Bout Praktis

Often overlooked in terms of big names and big city spotlight, the midwest is full of incredibly talented rappers looking to cultivate their words into prosperous acclaim. It is a haven where veterans, such as Kansas native emcee Praktis (aka Chad Weston), have been toiling away and creating under the radar, catching the ears of only a small part of their deserved audience or reach.

You may have missed the moment Praktis entered the chat, but this lyrically obsessed sire of the simile has left his mark with a brand new release entitled “Lucky No. 7”, presumably the seventh full length release in Praktis’s ever expanding back catalog. 

Being a dad opened my heart and showed me love still exists/ I used to just flip/ slightly bipolar/ it would seem/ overreact to the facts/ and obsess over things/ But it’s all different now/ and it shows in the style/ and it shows in the now/ cuz I chose to grow instead of holding it down/ politics, religion/ all of this division/ It’s all nonsense/ we live with an impossible vision

The song “Woke Up Like This” hit me right in the chest, offering a look into the life of a father trying to combat the memories of his own troubled past while ensuring a future for his children in an unsure, divided world; a topic in which most of us can currently identify with. While moments of peril and life’s hardships are clearly illustrated, the album does have its cheeky, fun points with lyrics like a relatable admission of age (from the song “Ice Cream”) 

Im trying to figure out this social media/ cuz I grew up on encyclopedia 

Overall, I am most obsessed with the song “Octane” and its reminder of how hauntingly beautiful beats can couple with tight lyrics and hit you hard while under the influence. Praktis has found a unique way to incorporate the serious bits with the not so, linking them hand in hand. I must say, I love the simplicity of this project. The best emcees can take a little and do a lot with it and when that is the case, what more do you need? The lyrics are fire, the beats are chill and on point and Praktis has created your new favorite album to absorb while you cruise around and contemplate why people stopped making hip hop like this. As fun as it is thought provoking, “Lucky No. 7” is more than worthy of your time and energy. 

You can find Praktis on Spotify, Apple Music, or anywhere else music is currently available.