Take Your Home Office to The Next Level With These Top Upgrades

Remote work is now entirely possible for pretty much everyone. You can remotely log in to work PCs to access the same content as you would in the office. You can work seamlessly thanks to the cloud. The infrastructure to allow employees to work from home is there, and increasingly people are realizing that it’s the solution that they’ve been looking for. After all, with the flexibility of remote work they can take better care of their families and their home. They also get to take back hours upon hours of unpaid commitment, otherwise known as the commute.

Portable offices provide a seamless transition for remote workers, offering a flexible workspace solution that bridges the gap between home and office environments. In order to work effectively, productively, and seamlessly from home, however, your home office is going to need a few essential upgrades:

One, Internet

If you want to work from home easily, you need an internet that responds instantaneously. You need it to give you speeds so fast there’s no waiting around, no buffering, and no hassle. For many, this will mean operating to fiber optic Hyper Fiber internet. In high definition, you can get up to 1gbps speeds, which is more than enough to watch and stream and do everything you need. You can technically save as well if you’re currently wasting money on things like cable and a landline. With your phone near you always, landlines are inefficient – and costly. The same applies to your cable network. Swap over to an internet-only approach to media and communication, and you can bundle your needs into one fixed price.

Two, High-Quality Video and Audio

A huge part of working from home does include video meetings. For the best experience, you need to offer your coworkers, bosses, and, most importantly, your clients, the best image of you. To do that, invest in HD video capture and a professional mike. This will give you a professional look and feel, even from your home office.

Three, A Quick, Efficient, and Cost Effective Printer and Scanner

You need a fast, efficient, and cost-effective printer that can easily scan documents. Business-ready printers today typically use a laser ink system that can print out fast, making them ideal for those working from home. Make sure the model you choose also scans quickly, so you can easily get documents into and out of your home.

Four, A Quality Background

You deserve a great-looking office. It should look good, feel good, have ample storage, and support you physically and mentally through your work day. When designing the space, try to focus on what your backdrop will look like as well. This way you can add art and other design features that always look good, even if the rest of your office is more cluttered. This will always give you that effortless, professional look when working from home.

Five, Ergonomic Furniture

You need your chair to support your back, keyboard and mouse to support your hands, and monitor to support your neck. In short, everything in your home office needs to be kind to your body. You can save on this expensive set up as well by shopping second-hand. Many offices and businesses that move, upgrade, or close down suddenly have a lot of expensive furniture they need to get rid of. Alternatively, you can buy through your company to take advantage of bundle deals. In some cases, your employer may even give you a stipend to use.