Tae $Kii Is Set To Enchant His Audience With His New EP, ‘Relentless’ On October 31st

LA-based artist Tae $kii has announced the release of his new project, ‘Relentless,’ which will be available on major streaming platforms on October 31st. Known for his powerful and upbeat tracks, Tae $kii’s music reaches deep into your soul and makes you feel connected. The talented musician is determined to change the contemporary hip-hop scene with his exceptional talent and creative finesse. ‘Relentless,’ his third release, will undoubtedly change how music is presented and heard. He is set to reveal his new side and unique musical approach.

‘Relentless,’ inspired by the idea of changing the world, is about never giving up and doing your best in the face of adversity. Whatever others think of you, you must keep doing what you enjoy, and you will undoubtedly succeed. The album is sure to inspire people to fight against all odds in life and emerge victoriously.

KEONTA, better known by his rap name Tae $kii, is originally from Virginia and has always been involved with music since he was a child. Also a member of the notable group 5 am Mafia, he is set to instill a can-do attitude and break social norms. The upbeat timbre combined with the mesmerizing lyricism in the upcoming ‘Relentless’ will give listeners a haven to vent their emotions. 

The album is available for pre-order on Spotify. For more information on Tae $kii’s future projects, follow him on YouTube and Instagram.