Supermodel Naomi Campbell Poses Nude On New York’s Subway for Valentino

English model, actress, and businesswoman, Naomi Campbell posed nude on a New York City train station. The 50-year-old model took to her Instagram and posted a picture featuring herself in the buff while exploring a subway station.

In one of the pictures, Campbell is seen sitting in a chair while clutching a Valentino handbag. And in another photo, she is seen waiting on the subway platform barefoot, holding a different Valentino purse.

And in the third photo, she is seen holding one more Valentino bag in her lap. The supermodel tagged the fashion house in all three posts. “Unpublished pictures,” Campbell captioned her Instagram posts at the weekend.

Campbell’s nude images came as a shock for her fans. Not because of her state of nudeness, but because she has been particularly cautious when it comes to avoiding the Covid-19 virus.

Joel Woodley

Joel Woodley is a Freelance Entertainment Journalist with a BA in Journalism and an MA in Film and Television. He loves to keep up with all the latest celebrity gossip. Despite being born and raised in the UK, he’s always up to date with stars and celebrities all around the world.

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