Sunfwer, the young artist behind millions views

Cristina Ji Hu, also known under her pseudonym “Sunfwer” on online platforms, is a young artist of only 18 years old who is sweeping social networks for her impressive artworks that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

She has caught the attention of millions and gathering hundreds of thousands followers on her Instagram profile and even more on her TikTok, using art as her way of self-expression and as the voice for silenced conflicts through strong visual messages rising awareness about topics such as  “Anti-Asian Racism or Stop Asian Hate” in her post below :

In the wake of the rise of Asian hate crimes happening during the pandemic, Sunfwer is using the power of her brush to spread a message on systemic racism and hopes it will shed some light on an social issue.

“Asian racism is sadly normalised, and media has been silent about it”

Apart from her powerful artworks, Cristina also stands out for her creative and unexpected ideas, combining digital art and entertainment which has been the inspiration for many others. 

One of her latest works : 

What are your future plans? 
A year ago a friend suggested opening an art account on Instagram to keep my work saved as a gallery for myself, this has opened new opportunities for my career and myself. I have many projects planned in the future and aim to continue creating content and artworks.

Keep up with Sunfwer’s art journey at the following sites:
Instagram: @Sunfwer
Tiktok: @Sunfwer