Suave Toronto, Canadian Rapper, Producer And Entrepreneur

Suave Toronto is a Canadian-born rapper and singer who has released many singles and albums. His fellow rappers fondly call him “Tony Stark” of the rap game and community where they thrive in Canada.

Suave Toronto started Making music and working in a professional production in 2010. The musician started at a young age with a distinct sound & style.
The multitalented singer has combines his music with r&b, Reggae & rap, making it clear that he will thrive dependently in any genre and sound. Suave dabbles in the lines of the definition of grimy rap but is more to the artistic creative side that is marketable outside of where he thrives.

Some of his various singles and albums released include Kat. Rip (2017), Foezz (2021), Hoe 101 (2018), Awshi (2018), On Guap (2021), Top is Betta (2022), Godzilla (2020), Love story (2020), Nobody knows Nobody Cares (2021), and Slump Back (2021), Don’t need her (2020), Valet Lobby (2020), Jamaican Queen (2020), The Day Before (2020), Still Hit Her Up (2020), Jump On (2020), Gunslinger (2020), among others. The singer released a large number of songs in 2020 which increased his fame and popularity in Canada. The Rapper has also featured other influential artists like Yung Bans, StoopidXool and Yung Icey Beats.

His albums present a combination of calm, cool, collective vibes with a lot of bass and indulgence in living a better life. Suave has a lot of various wordplay and punchlines in his songs. His lyrics vary from soft elegant singing to dominant hard punch lines that deliver and are easily adaptable to any sound. With a humble beginning, he has expressed his life story and experiences in his lyrics which are short and precise. Most verses are about being confident, sly, successful with tendencies toward luxury.