Stylish Tips to Look Awesome in Trending Frames

Do you want to own some trending frames and some amazing tips to look awesome in those? Well, if yes, then you are at the right place.

 Let’s put some light on the way to carry yourself using correct set of accessories (frames) so that you can groom your personality with it. 

Here in this article, we will see some good stylish tips to look awesome in trending frames.

Frame Appearance

Frames play a vital role in grooming your physical appearance as it is the first thing one will notice on your face. You should be very much cautious while selecting eye frames for yourself. 

It is advisable to select the correct type of stylish frames which will look good on you and will enhance your appearance making you feel more confident, bold and attractive.

Trending frames is something which everyone strives for. Few use the eye glasses to follow the fashion, few needs them to have better eyesight and strain-free eyes. 

Eye frames are one of the expensive accessories which can give a good impression if used wisely. Let’s see the tips to look awesome in IC! Berlin 2022 Eyewear Collection.

Collection That Trending

1. Say No to oversized frames:

You should avoid using big, oversized frames as they look huge on your face and will make your face shape go imbalanced. These frames will over shadow your features and will make only big sized frames visible on your face.

2. No round frames for round faces: 

you should not use rimless frames or round frames as they will more highlight you round face feature which will make your face look rounder. Hence always go with contrast. Try using rectangle or square shape frame for round face.

3. Wide frames for oval shaped face:

Oval shaped people need to find out the broadest part of their face first, it can be forehead, cheeks area, mouth area any face part which you can visibly see is broadest. Post identifying the broadest part of your face you need to select a frame which will be wider then the broader face part. Selecting the frame in this manner will enhance the beauty of the oval shaped face.

4. Cats eye frame not for all

Cats eye frame has a unique design which is specific for diamond shaped face. This frame will enhance the face features by making the face look fuller and proportionate.

Square frames not for square face please: 

The square shaped individual should seek for the frames which will be high on their nose. Round and oval shape frame are best for square face people as these will make face look thin and curvy.

Till now we were looking at the stylish tips to look awesome based on the face cut now let’s see how colors can do miracles. 

Colors Magic

Now, its not just shape of frame, but you can also choose the frames basis on the color. 

Let’s see how!

Show your best feature: 

You can match the feature with your frame or you can also play contrast technique. 

Let me explain you this with the help of an example.

Individual having chocolate brown eyebrow can match the frame with the eyebrow. This will help to make the feature outshine. Whoever will see the face will first notice only the chocolate brown color on the face i.e., eyebrow and the frame. 

Also, a green color eye has green color frame or blue eye having green frame. These matching or contrast techniques can do wonders.

Consider your skin tone: 

while selectingthe frame you can also consider the skin tone and select the frames which will suite the complexion. 

Light skin tone can select dark colors, pastel, black, silver, white and bright colors whereas the dark skin tone needs to select light and golden shades. 

Dark skin tone should strictly avoid black, pastel and white frames as they will make you look darker.


These were few tips which I am sure will help you to understand the type of frame you want to select from the trending frames now. Try them and be a fashion icon. Remember one thing! All the frames have their own uniqueness and you have to select the one which is as per your requirement.