Strategies for Leadership Success: Richard Rierson Shares How He Leads

Richard Rierson is one of the world’s leading experts on management and leadership. He has developed his own style of management based on principles such as openness, trust, respect and responsibility. 

Richard has worked in various corporate positions including managing 50 hotels and a team of 250 employees. His podcast, ‘Dose of Leadership’ has been downloaded over 3.5 million times in countries all over the world. 

A native of Wichita, Kansas, he has been awarded the Wichita Business Journal 40-under-40 award. 

In this article, we will explore Richard Rierson’s unique approach to running a business and discuss some of the key elements that make it so effective.

Create a Vision and Set Goals.

All successful leaders need to have a clear vision of success and a well-defined strategy for achieving it. 

Richard Rierson strongly believes that everyone should have a plan in place that includes specific goals, action plans, and timeline. 

He suggests having a roadmap or chart to track progress and providing regular feedback so team members can adjust their approach as needed. 

Once the plan is in place, it is important to give everyone involved the freedom to be creative and innovative while making sure they stay on track with goals.

Develop Your Leadership Style.

Effective leaders develop their own unique style of communication and decision-making that works best for them and their team. 

It is important to take the time to assess what works, try new things, and adjust if something isn’t working. Pay close attention to the feedback you receive from your team and colleagues when something does work or needs improvement. 

This will help you hone in on your personal leadership style and give your team the best chance of success.

In a recent interview, Richard Rierson stated, “You don’t need a certification or a degree to act like a leader. If you know how to stay composed under pressure, if you’re confident in yourself, if you know what to do and are consistent with it, you have leadership qualities. Ask yourself, do you stay quiet or speak up when the time or need arises? Do you have the moral courage to stop something mean from happening around you? If you said yes, well, good for you because that’s how a leader acts. A leader doesn’t lose his temper when people speak ill of him. It’s not about the swag or the three-piece suit. Leadership is a part of your personality, as it should be.”

Foster Open Communication 

Communication between leaders and their team is essential to success. 

Richard Rierson believes open dialogue should be encouraged, as it promotes understanding, creativity and growth. Listening to different perspectives will also help provide insight as to how best to approach an issue or solve a problem. 

A successful leader should create an environment where all team members feel comfortable expressing their opinions, thoughts and ideas. 

Being willing to work together with your team in a positive manner will help foster strong relationships and trust.

Encourage Teamwork and Collaboration

As a leader, it’s important to create an atmosphere of support and collaboration. A spirit of togetherness will better help teams to reach their desired goals and objectives. 

Richard Rierson believes one of the keys to success is investing in your team and empowering them to take ownership of their tasks. Leaders should be open to feedback from team members and create an enjoyable work environment where everyone has a chance to develop. 

By doing so, leaders can tap into the potential of their team and get the most out of each individual as well as the group as a whole.

Monitor Progress and Evaluate Performance

As a leader, it’s equally important to measure progress and evaluate performance. 

Richard Rierson uses milestones and goal tracking to ensure his team members are on the right path toward success. He believes in paying close attention to how tasks are being completed and how the team is working together. This helps him identify problem areas, suggest improvements, and give feedback for a more successful outcome. 

Most importantly, assessing performance helps strengthen team morale by recognizing individual contributions and highlighting individual successes.

His leadership advice can be applied to any industry. To learn more about Richard Rierson, you can listen to his Dose of Leadership podcast.