Stop Sleeping On Rari

Fresh and new off the press comes Fressh Rari. A blazing independent artist catching waves across many platforms. After hours of shuffling, curating and scrolling thru new music I found an artist that stood out. Of course it’s was the one and only Fressh Rari. After a few mistakes with google searches I found myself typing one “S” instead of two. I corrected my search and found a few pages worth of addictive music from the artist himself.

If I had to describe his sound to new listeners I would start with catching flow, monotone voice but an instrument to the beat. Going thru the catalog I visited a slept-on masterpiece Ep titled “93”. I was impressed most with the wordplay and flow style he laid on each song. Fressh Rari by far is a slept on artist I’m bringing light to. Being 100 percent independent without a distribution partner or label he still has covered a lot of ground in the music world.

If you became a fan the way I have then you probably noticed Fressh Rari’s latest single “Dogg it”. Out on all platforms even social platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and more. The record “Dogg It” seems inspired by fast cars and fast driving. I also get a down south club bounce type vibe when I listen to the record. Definitely going be a DJ’s favorite to cue up.

The sky is the limit for this artist. I encourage listeners to stay tuned and locked in with Fressh Rari. He had been very consistent with music videos and online content. If you’re on Twitter long enough you might catch a random video playing with Fressh Rari’s music playing in the background. Online promo presence has been effective in his music following. Self-sufficiency has been the motor behind Fressh Rari and the music movement. Independent no handouts Fressh Rari manages to create waves parallel to industry major signed artist. 2022 I’m anticipating new music videos and music from the artist. Even short films may be in the near future for Fressh Rari but one thing for sure I know he will continue to lace tracks from upcoming producers.

To know more about Fressh Rari visit: www.fresshrari.com

Terence Jobs

Terence Jobs is a freelance writer who has been reporting on entertainment news and trending stories for over half a decade. His expertise lies in the fields of celebrity, television and music.

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