Step by Step Guide of Moving Rental House in Dubai

Shifting houses anywhere can be usually exhausting. However, if you are in the situation of moving in Dubai, there are some barriers you need to tackle first. After cancelling the DEWA utility bill, scheduling the maintenance team to fix any damages to the new or old house, and moving the internet provider, there are many factors to consider during house shifting in Dubai. Therefore, in order to guarantee that you are completely prepared, and to assist you with shifting in Dubai (without any trouble), read the below step-by-step instructions. 

1. Inform your present landlord, community or building of your home shifting

According to property laws in Dubai, you have to give a minimum of 90 days notice before the termination of the tenancy contract to let the landlord know you’re not renewing. If you achieved the present tenancy via a real estate agent of Dubai, inform them too as they’ll assist you. Your real estate agent might also help you start searching the new place to buy, or rent a villa in Dubai or you can have a look on rental listings at

2. Schedule a Dubai moving company if needed

There are moving companies in Dubai which have packages to guarantee an efficient shifting. They offer moving or decorating or maintenance packages which you can avail. For example, there are offers which consist of re-decorating the present home, packing, shifting your belongings and placing them in the new house. 

3. Restore the present villa or apartment in the original position

Although it’s not the tenant’s responsibility to restore the original condition of the current place, a good tenant leaves the property in an ideal state. You can fix any doors, fill holes or reapply paint. 

4. Meanwhile, search for homes

Surf websites like Dubizzle or Property Finder. Discuss your requirements and preferences with your real estate agent. Lucky for you, new properties are listed on hourly basis in the Dubai emirate because the city is known for its excellent real estate game. You’ll find a new place soon. 

5. Schedule an inspection of present villa or apartment

Your real estate agent, landlord or power of attorney will schedule a visit to the present place to observe it’s condition. If they find any damages, you will have to fix them. Or, you can have them fix the outstanding damage after you have shifted, by using your original deposit. 

6. Pay important sign tenancy contract or deposits 

After choosing a new house, you need to pay the important deposits. The expectation is to pay 5% of the rental amount for the landlord deposit and 5% of agency fees. New tenancy contract will be signed too. 

7. Get move in and move out permits from the building management

If you are shifting to an apartment, you need a moving permit from the building management. But if you are moving to a community, you need both the move in and move out permits from the community management. 

8. Get NOC from the present landlord permitting you to move out

Many people forget to do this. You need to get an NOC from the present landlord for shifting. Afterwards, the NOC will be transferred to the new community or building management to guarantee that they are aware of your landlord’s permission. The purpose of an NOC is to remove any concern or disputes between the landlord and the new building. 

9. Pay the last DEWA bill

At the last day of present tenancy, inform DEWA that you want to finalize the last bill. Another option is to use the move-in feature of the DEWA website. The DEWA deposits in Dubai are AED 2,000 for an apartment and AED 4,000 for a villa. 

In case of transfer, your deposit will be credited in the DEWA account which will be utilized in the earliest bill in the new house. In case you cancel DEWA, the remaining deposit will be offered after settling the last bill. 

10. Pay for the EJARI 

The law change regarding the EJARI in Dubai was implemented in 2017. Now, the tenants need to have the completed and validated EJARI if they want to activate the DEWA utility in the new villa or apartment. The timing is crucial in this process. You might have to survive without power for a few hours while waiting for the nex home to reconnect with the account. According to DEWA, it takes 1 day but usually it needs 6 to 10 hours. Therefore, schedule your shifting date keeping this in mind. 

11. Complete the property inspection form

When you first shift to the new villa or apartment in Dubai, you will be given an inspection form which you need to fill. Primarily, this form is where you mention any troubling problems with the house or outstanding damage which the landlord has to fix instantly, prior to shifting or in the first week. 

According to many contracts, there are 48 hours for this procedure. If new problems arise after this time period, the new tenants will be responsible. But not if the issues are of a different category which you might have agreed in the Dubai tenancy contract. 

12. Move the internet service provider

First and foremost, check twice about the internet service provider being utilized in the new community or building. Some are already set to utilize Etisalat and Du. In case you have the same ISP, you have the option to upgrade or shift the package. In the opposite case, you need to cancel the old account and make a new one with the specific ISP set up in the new house. 

13. Do home shopping

This will be your most favorite part. You can do home shopping for the new location. There will be a need for extra furniture or goods in case you have upsized. If that’s the case, you should visit the Carrefour store. It is great for cheap white goods. Another option is the entire home section of Mall of the Emirates which you should definitely surf through. And obviously IKEA and ACE Hardware in the Dubai Festival City are top places to purchase new items.